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This directory provides web site links or e-mail addresses with descriptions of businesses, organizations and services in and related to Zihuatanejo, Mexico and includes Playa Blanca, Playa Larga & La Barra de Potosí.

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Culture, Galleries & Organizations 
Arte Nativo
Promoting local artists through exhibitions, classes and workshops.
Campamento Tortuguero AyotlcalliCampamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli
Take part in the preservation of sea turtles as well as witness the release of sea turtle hatchlings at Playa Blanca. They offer workshops about sea turtles as well as frequent releases of hatchlings throughout the year, especially from August through February. Your donations are extremely important for their continued operation. (Non-profit organization)
Friends of "Niños Adelante"
An organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged but high-achieving schoolchildren of Zihuatanejo to obtain a complete education via a scholarship program.
An art gallery and artists' workshop featuring local and visiting artists that is also a tea-parlor and coffee-house as well as a place to sit and sip fine mezcal. Located in La Madera neighborhood across from the Hotel Irma.
Sociedad Protectora de Animales de ZihuatanejoSociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo (SPAZ)
Offering help to injured, sick, abandoned and abused, wild and domestic animals in the region of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. They also offer pet adoptions and sterilizations.
Zihrena Gallery
A virtual gallery of Mexican art and culture.

Our local para-municipal water company. They also have a Facebook page Capaz Trabajando Para Ti.
Correos de México
The Mexican postal service.
Estado de Guerrero
Official site for our state government. Political, cultural and tourist information.
Fideicomiso Bahía de Zihuatanejo (FIBAZI)
Dependency of the state government responsible for the urbanization, lotification and division of lots entrusted to it in Zihuatanejo.
Federal government agency responsible for development and land sales in Ixtapa.
H. Congreso de Guerrero
Official site of the State Congress. Includes history, structure, member directory, commissions, committees, debates, and press releases. (Zihuatanejo de Azueta is in District XV).
H. Ayuntamiento Municipal de Zihuatanejo de Azueta
Official website of our municipal government including Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico. They also have a Facebook page.
Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT)
A branch of Hacienda, the federal government's tax ministry. Here you can pay your taxes online.

Health & Medical 
For a more complete listing see Guide to Medical Services in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa.
Clínica Maciel - Excellent small hospital located on Calle Las Palmas #40 in downtown Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-0517
Clínica Mediciel - A full service medical clinic with qualified, professional staff and state-of-the-art technology. Areas of medicine and services include general medicine, traumatology, gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, ear-nose-and-throat specialist, X-rays, ultrasound, clinical analysis, and air ambulance. Located at Avenida Morelos #6 near the Alberca Olímpica in Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-8617, (755) 554-5824
Dr. José Milian Calvillo
Specialist in internal medicine, gastrointestinal endoscopy, cardiology and diabetes. Located on Avenida La Parota #26, Colonia El Hujal, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-0500
Dr. Hugo Alarcón
Certified dermatologist. One of the most highly recommended in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. His office is located on Calle Cedro #2, Depto. 101, Colonia El Hujal, above the pharmacy Farmapronto "Fuente del Sol", just off the sidestreet of Zihuatanejo Boulevard. Tel. (755) 554 1400, cel. 755 102-2238
Dr. Rogelio Grayeb
General medical practitioner. Bilingual. Find his office in Zihuatanejo on Calle Zafiro #4 (between Paseo El Palmar and Calle Ópalo). Tel. (office) (755) 554-3334, (755) 554-5041, (home) (755) 553-1711, cel. 755-557-8303. E-mail:

Internet, Computers & Phones 
Ciudad PC
Sales of computers, parts and accessories. Located on Calle Cuahtémoc #31 in downtown Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-6198
CrashData Systems
Sales and setup of computers, peripherals and accessories; installation of networks; configuration of systems and software; repairs; maintenance; and technical support and assistance. Avenida Morelos #18, Zihuatanejo Centro.
Megacable Comunicaciones
Our local cable TV and cable internet service provider. Located on Paseo del Estudiante #41 on the corner with Avenida Morelos, Centro, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-8385, (755) 554-3356.
Repairs, sales & configuration of computer systems and equipment including help with Internet connections.
Nationwide mobile phone sales and services including Internet.
A nationwide phone sales and services as well as Internet Service Provider offering services in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa and surrounding communities.
The business which brings you the Zihuatanejo Ixtapa Mexico Directories and the Troncones Mexico Guide & Directory sites. We specialize in website design, hosting, maintenance and promotion. We also offer photo scanning, text translation, e-mail services, and computer graphics design.

Find additional regional, state and national news sources on the News page.
Despertar de la Costa
Regional daily newspaper for the Costa Grande.
Diario ABC de Zihuatanejo
Local daily newspaper.
Diario de Zihuatanejo
Local daily newspaper.
Estéreo Vida 90.5 FM (XHZIH)
Local and regional radio broadcasting service.
FM Globo 98.5
Local and regional radio broadcasting service.
La Voz de Zihuatanejo
Local daily newspaper.
Meganoticias Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
Local cable TV news from Megacable.
Noticieros Televisa
National television broadcasters with channels available by antenna, satellite and cable.
Radio Variedades 101.9 FM
Local and regional radio broadcasting service.
TV Azteca
National television broadcasters with channels available by antenna, satellite and cable.

Package & Shipping 
Nationwide and international package shipping service. Local office located on Marina Nacional #71, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (55) 5345-7000, Cel. 755-130-6996
Nationwide and international shipping service. Local office located at Heróico Colegio Militar #120-A, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-4888
Nationwide and international package shipping and delivery services. Tel. (755) 112-1734, (755) 554-1361.
The Mexican post office's package shipping service. Calle del Cartero s/n, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-2192

Schools & Instruction 
Adventure of Learning Spanish, The
Basic and conversational Spanish taught for visitors and new arrivals to Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa. In groups or private classes. See description of courses, fees and teachers' details.
Colegio Decroly
An excellent small private school offering preschool, daycare, kindergarten and elementary school classes. Located in Colonia La Madera.
Colegio Integral Rotterdam
A private bilingual school offering quality education for kinder, elementary, middle and high school levels. Located in Zihuatanejo on Calle Ola Azul #1, Centro (in front of the Fuente del Sol).
Conalep Zihuatanejo
Public college of professional technical education at the mid-upper level.
Cooking with Claudia
Learn how to make popular local and regional dishes as well as how to buy what you need to prepare them at a Mexican mercado.
Instituto EnglishPLUS
Language school offering classes of English instruction at convenient morning and afternoon hours as well as on Saturdays to students of all ages. Located on the waterfront in downtown Zihuatanejo.
Instituto Lizardi
A locally popular bilingual private school offering classes from pre-school to college level.
La Escuela de Música y Artes de Zihuatanejo
Currently offering music classes only. Cel. 755-550-3310 .
Patio Mexica Cooking School
Learn local and regional dishes with Monica at her popular cooking school in Colonia La Madera in Zihuatanejo.

Professional Services 
Arte Visual
Edson Hernández and his crew offer their artistic talents as photographers and videographers for publicity, weddings, parties and special occasions.
Click Diseños y Acabados
They offer architectural services for all types of constructions as well as a store with products for design and decoration including finishings, lighting, fans, sealants, and quality concrete and stonework. Located on the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa highway next to the Instituto Tecnológico de la Costa Grande.
DJ Doro
Angel Alfonso Tellechéa Palacios aka "Doro" offers his excellent talents and music with digital sound system and lighting for all types of special events and parties. From romantic and rock to tropical and hip-hop, Doro maintains a selection of genres for all tastes and ages. Find him at Calle Nicolás Bravo #9, Colonia Centro, Zihuatanejo, Gro. (Bananas Restaurant). Cels. 755-557-7190, 755-559-3294, 758-100-4553; Tel. (755) 554-9805.
ETASAEnlace Terrestre Aeroportuario S.A. de C.V. (ETASA)
Ground transportation services between the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport and hotels and other lodgings in surrounding communities. Also offer chauffeured vehicles and buses for tours and large groups.
Estética Hair Fashion & Style
Unisex hair styling and beauty parlor. Located in downtown Zihuatanejo at Avenida 5 de Mayo #9 near the corner of Calle Juan N. Álvarez. Cel. 755-124-4978
Florería Dany
Flowers and arrangements for all occasions, events, weddings, and parties. Find their shop on Antonio Nava Street at the corner with Hermenegildo Galeana in downtown Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-8297, (755) 554-2663, e-mail:
Litográfica de la Costa
Printing services as well as embroidery of logos and images for hats and shirts. Avenida Paseo de Zihuatanejo No. 244, Colonia El Hujal. Tels. (755) 554-8780, 7(755) 554-5031, (755) 554-3646, (755) 554-3502. Fax: (755) 554-3666.
Nava Brito y Asociados
Excellent law firm of experienced and trustworthy lawyers offering legal services including civil and criminal litigation, mediation, contracts, arbitration, trusts, wills, and real estate. E-mail: .
Notary Public No. 1Notary Public No. 1
Various legal services including the drawing up of contracts, agreements, trusts, wills and the witnessing of signatures. They also offer property assessment and related services.
Puerto Verde
Installation of solar panel systems for electrical generation as well as for water heaters and pools.
RGB Foto y Video
Photography and videos for parties, weddings, special occasions, and websites. Héctor Aranda is very talented as well as bilingual, and I highly recommend his services.

A fine jewelry shop specializing in .925 silver and 14k gold. They also do custom design work.
Bodega Aurrerá
Grocery supermarket located on Paseo de Zihuatanejo Poniente #25-27 between the Presidencia Municipal and the Unidad Deportiva.
Boutique SunsetBoutique Sunset (formerly Lupita's Boutique)
Beach clothing, hats and accessories for men and women, handmade jewelry and souvenirs. Located across from Plaza del Artista at Calle Juan N. Alvarez #5 on the corner with Calle Vicente Guerrero (on the first block from the waterfront) in Zihuatanejo.
Café Caracol
Delicious fresh-roasted whole bean and ground coffee from Atoyac, Guerrero. They also sell whole vanilla beans and extract, fresh honey (including agave honey), scented beeswax candles, plain and decorated Mexican shopping bags, and coffee liqueurs. Located in the first block of downtown Zihuatanejo on the corner of Juan N. Álvarez and Vicente Guerrero streets.
Café Galeana
High quality organically cultivated coffee from the sierra of Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa. Ground and whole bean. Located on Calle Antonio Nava #20 local 1, Zihuatanejo Centro. Cel. 755-120-0525
Convenience store specializing in Mexican produced grains, nuts, wines, mezcal, teas, coffee, spices, condiments, health foods, candies, artisanal cosmetics, health products, and dried foods. Many locally made products. Located on Avenida El Palmar 26-B in downtown Zihuatanejo. E-mail:
National chain with a little bit of everything from furniture to appliances to clothing to electronics to tires to bicycles and sporting goods. Located in Zihuatanejo with two stores: one on Avenida Morelos #118 next to the post office and the other on Avenida Benito Juárez #10.
A home appliance & furniture store with a large selection of TV's, stereos, entertainment centers, washers, dryers, computers, and mobile communications equipment. They offer excellent credit terms and payment plans. They also provide Western Union services and sell affordable insurance plans. Find them across from the Plaza Libertad de Expresión at the intersection of Avenida Morelos and Calle Benito Juarez.
La BioTienda
A wide variety of natural and ecological handmade products including soap, cosmetics, honey, tableware, straws, shampoo, clothing, seeds, vitamins, cellulose and silicone products, dyes, sponges, combs, and brushes, Located on Calle Mar Rojo #6 in Zihuatanejo.
MEGA Soriana
A nationwide chain of mega-supermarkets with a wide selection of everything from groceries to clothing to appliances. We have an excellent one here in Zihuatanejo with a terrific Mexican-style deli. They are located on Avenida La Boquita behind the Central de Autobuses. Be warned that their A/C is icy cold!
Discount grocery supermarket with 2 locations in downtown Zihuatanejo: one on Calle Los Cocos 17-B on the corner with Calle Tamarindo and the other on Calle Catalina González #7, and in Ixtapa at Los Patios Shopping Center, Boulevard Ixtapa.
Mueblerías del Centro
Everything for making your house a home. Locations in Zihuatanejo, Petatlán and Técpan.
Quality fashionable and affordable cotton clothing made in Mexico. Located in downtown Zihuatanejo on Benito Juárez street on the corner of Catalina González.
Sam's Club
Discount supermarket selling just about everything including groceries, liquors, sporting goods, electronics, toys, tools, hardware, automotive supplies, furniture, and appliances. Membership required. Located on Paseo de Zihuatanejo Oriente, Col. El Hujal. Tel. (755) 554-3618
Tequila Por Favor
Zihuatanejo's first liquor store, open since 1961, offering an amazing variety of tequila as well as other spirits, and also featuring Zihuatanejo's finest selection of Cuban and Mexican cigars available in their walk-in humidor. Located on Calle Cuauhtémoc #14 one block from the waterfront in downtown Zihuatanejo as well as in Ixtapa at Centro Comercial "La Puerta".
Discount grocery supermarket with two locations: one located in downtown Zihuatanejo on Calle Antonio Nava #16, and the other in Plaza Paseo Zihuatanejo near the Hospital General on Avenida Morelos.
Mercado de ArtesaníaZihuatanejo Artisans' Market
Beautiful handcrafted arts and crafts from indigenous communities of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains of Guerrero.
Zihuatanejo Coffee
Whole bean and ground, 100% organic, exportation quality coffee grown locally in the Sierra Madre del Sur not far from Ixtapa by Juanita Sánchez and her husband Dario Galeana on their plantation. Find their outdoors café and shop at Calle Cuauhtémoc #170-B in downtown Zihuatanejo. E-Mail:; Tel/Fax: (755) 554-3890; Tel. (755) 554-7277.

Weddings & Event Planners 
Ixtapa Weddings
Wedding coordination services by Francisco Ibarra including romantic and scenic locations, photographer, videographer, flowers, catering, and music.

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