When Zih Time Is Right

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, September 02, 2019, 13:25 (177 days ago)

My Crucian friends have been commenting a lot recently and making a big whoopteedoo about how the movie The Shawshank Redemption was released 25 years ago because the final scene was filmed at Sandy Point in Frederiksted (though there is also a version that the scene was partly filmed at Sandy Cay just off Jost Van Dyke but for union and contractual reasons St. Croix is credited). Anyway they love the photos of Zihuatanejo I share with them, and being the only former Crucian living in Zihuatanejo that I'm aware of they were intrigued when I told them that even though the story is a work of fiction, it parallels a local story that began here back in the late 60's when a couple of ex-cons named Red and Henry showed up here and fell in love with a couple of local girls. But truth is even stranger than fiction, and the story goes much deeper, full of much more drama, romance and tragedy. But as I told them, I'd need a few mojitos in me to be able to tell it all correctly, and at least one local family will probably be quite upset about part of the story ever being made public, because it's not something we've ever discussed with outsiders in its totality as far as I'm aware of. So there may be more Crucians in Zihuatanejo's future. Maybe someday I can tell it here.

The platform being assembled to work from in order to set the pilings is turning out to be much larger than I imagined. More of the floating containers have been brought in and are being assembled into a small floating island, except it isn't quite floating yet. There is a large square steel frame, dwarfed by the floating containers, that these containers appear to surround, and the workers explained it is in order to place the pilings with precision.

It sure is a joy to see so many locals and visitors using our downtown beach again after so many years of avoiding it. Now if we could just get everyone helping to keep the bay and the ocean clean not only by not littering but by also helping to pick up the trash, especially the plastic and styrofoam, from the beaches. It may not be our trash, but it is our planet and our ocean, and as my momma taught me, if you want to have nice things you have to take care of what you've got.

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