Ten Top Reasons why we loved the Catalina

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Escrito por Ginger desde (adsl-68-252-239-84.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) el día jueves, 22 de abril, 2004 a las 22:46:42 horas :

1. The view - overlooking the bay.
2. The infinity pool - Gorgeous..Best pool
I've ever had the pleasure to swim in.
3. The restaurant - that tremendous view
and tasty food at reasonable prices. We
especially liked the breakfast buffet,
guacamole, and the tuna tacos el pastor.
4. Lounging under a seaside palupa (sp?),
gazing at the ocean and all the beach
5. Room 34 - On the end and about the
middle level, so it wasn't too far down
to the beach nor too far up to the bar,
restaurant, and office.
6. No mosquitoes!!! What a treat to be able
to sit out at night without being bit.
7. The hammocks on our balcony.
8. Happy Hour - from 6pm to 8pm: we would
enjoy 2 pina coladas, 2 margaritas and 2
tequila sunrises for about $10 US.
9. The steps. Helped to work off some of
those guacomole calories and also helps
keep out the riff-raff.
10. No air-conditioning. See no. 9 about
keeping out the riff-raff. And, what could be better than drifting off to sleep to the sound of the ocean?
11. The gracious and charming owner, Eva, and
the rest of the staff.

I could keep going but I'm already over 10, so I'll stop. You get the picture.

For our first trip to the area, I'm so glad we picked the Catalina. I liked it the best of any hotel I've ever stayed in. Thanks to recommendations on this site (and on TripAdvisor), we ended up in a magical place.

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