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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día martes, 04 de mayo, 2004 a las 17:36:00 horas :

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I've driven from Troncones to PV. I'm guessing the drive in the opposite direction is similar. :) I have also driven from Tecoman to Troncones. Tecoman is mid-pointish between the two.

Our drive north was about 11 hours. We left Troncones at about 6:00 AM and arrived in PV at about 5:00 PM. The portion between PV and Manzanillo is quite pleasant. The topography is mostly rolling hills with enough curves to make things not boring, but not so many as to make one wish the drive was more boring.

From Manzanillo to Caleta de Campos is less interesting. The highway is four lanes for significant parts of this drive. The road is less curving and less hilly. This is a setup to lull you into a state of complacency.

South of Caleta de Campos get more interesting than you may wish. The highway (200) skirts the Pacific Ocean, providing great views for the passenger.

The driver will be watching the line at the right of the lane indicating the edge of the pavement. The "shoulder" of the highway is more like a "collarbone". There isn't much except a few inches before the cliff drops hundreds of feet into the Pacific Ocean.

This line is important for the driver as it also shows the frequent curves and hairpin turns.

Watch for oncoming traffic! On their right side is often a shear cliff going up. They won't fall off that side, but they probably won't want to drive into it either. They may tend toward the middle of the road (including your side) to stay away from the cliff.

If, like us, you get behind two loaded cement trucks, you won't have to watch your speed. We spend a couple of hours driving at under 30 km/hr, being unwilling to risk our lives to save a few minutes. Apparently a few minutes savings was worth more than years of life to other drivers who passed this convoy over double solid lines on blind curves.

Arriving a La Mira one resumes breathing. It has been a long time since that last inhalation at Caleta de Campos.

Driving from La Mira to Zihuatanejo is like the feeling one has after passing final exams. You know the relief should feel better, but the memory of everything that went before is still too fresh. The closer one gets to Zihuatanejo (or in my case Troncones) the more the relief and anticipation pushes out the memories.

You can view a driving log of the portion from La Mira to Zihuatanejo at:

and the portion from PV to Manzanillo at:

My advice is to leave PV as early as possible. Leaving by 6:00 AM would be a good idea.

If it were the only way to get to Troncones again would I do it? In a minute. Well, OK, in about 11 hours.

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