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Escrito por Charlie desde (?) el día miércoles, 26 de mayo, 2004 a las 15:37:24 horas :

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I played on Campo de Golf and enjoyed it. I'm a 24 handicap and found plenty of trouble, but didn't feel like the course was overly penaltize. In others words, my trouble was usually caused by 'user error'. Comments are correct about condensation in the AM. My dad and I tried to be the first ones off each morning and we played some very slow greens on the first four holes and then they started to dry out, so putting was always a challenge. However, we avoided the heat of the middle of the day and had time for a siesta and plenty of beach time in the afternoon. I definitely recommend using a caddie (I don't think the Marina course allows caddies). Golf is such a wonderful experience when you can leisurely stroll down a fairway with the sun rising in the background. You're there for a vacation, right? I had a couple caddies on my stay. My fiance had a guy named Saul (like Raul, only with an S). He could speak good english and was very helpful. However, be ready for the 'question' on the 17th or 18th fairway: When are you playing next? I'll be your caddie, no?

If you like the caddie, then tell him when you're playing next. If not, then be vaugue...however, the $20+ tip is a big day for those guys, so don't be suprised if they 'magically' appear when you show up at the course the next morning.

One peculiar finding: I couldn't find the slope/rating for Campo de Golf, so I couldn't post my scores. I know they recently played a Canadian Tour event on the course (they switch each year with Campo de Golf and Marina Course), so they had to rate the course, no?

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