Trip Report--part one

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Escrito por LongIslandDawn desde ( el día miércoles, 07 de julio, 2004 a las 15:29:22 horas :

We just got back from Ixtapa and Zihua, and I do not think I have ever been so sad in my life to return home. We honeymooned at the Presidente. For all those who are nervous about staying there, we enjoyed it. It grounds are lovely and well kept. Our room was very nice. We overlooked the non-activity pool and if we looked left we saw the ocean. The only dissapointing thing was we had stange and rather terrible maid service. We complained mulitple times--over the phone and in person, however it did not improve. She kept the room neat and clean, but she would remove the towels and not replace them with fresh ones. So each day we would return to our room and have to go searching for towels. The only thing we could figure out was that since we were in the last room on the top floor, maybe she had run out by the time she reached us. But we took it in stride and made an adventure out of it. The food was nothing special, except on the two nights where we had the Mexican fiesta. The food on those nights was great. Being American, we were really hopping to have a lot of Mexican food at our hotel, but most of the food was not; a lot of pasta, potatoes, meats. Most of the guests were Mexican, and we were told that the menu is mostly non-Mexican dishes because when Mexican people vacation they don't want Mexican food. Which makes perfect sense. When we travel we try to eat local and unsual food, and experience as much as possible. Okay now to the actual report.
We arrived late Sunday night and settled in. On Monday we spent the day on the lovey beach at the Presidente. The ocean is so warm. On Tuesday we spent the day on the beach again--we were exhausted. And my husband parasailed. In the afternoon we went over the the shopping/dining area in Ixtapa--most things were closed though. Tuesday night was the Mexican fiesta--really fun and yummy. Wednesday we went to Zihua and explored the main area near the basketball courts and did some shopping. We had met a woman on Tuesday who sold wooden serving peices and we went to her shop to buy more, among other things. We had lunch at Any's (EXCELLENT!). Then returned to our hotel. Throughout the trip we did a lot of nothing and sleeping. Wednesday was Casino night at our hotel. Fun, but short. Have to go now--will write more later--I have a very funny story to tell you...

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