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Escrito por the groom desde ( el día lunes, 22 de noviembre, 2004 a las 17:38:27 horas :

hi all,

back in san francisco for less than 13 hours, and already missing zihua/troncones! anyway, here's an abbrevieated report:

week one:

stayed at the inn at manzanillo bay - this is an amazing place! our group (made up of old friends from around the country) rented 7 of the 8 bungalows (sorry to the other couple who had to endure our late night tequila-fueled laughter)

mike, (the owner), wynn and julio (the managers) are super laid-back, accomodating, nice, fun people! the restaurant was excellent, the surf shop well supplied (my group rented boards from mike and surfed everyday at the point and saladita), the pool was in excelent condition, the view spectatular, the bungalows comfortable, everything was perfect. (again, mike, sorry for being a tad rowdy!) if anyone is thinking about going there, stop thinking about it and just do it!

7 days of pre-wedding surf, chilling out, sun, and eating well! what a way to start.

week two -

we rented 15 of the 18 rooms at the villa vera puerto mio. more friends and family showed up that week and we all gathered at the VV on friday. the service, staff, amenities, etc. could not have been better! we had the rehersal dinner at la gula - recommended by wendy from the VV. it was great - excellent food, great service.

saturday night (the big day)-

the staff at the VV went above and beyond anything we could have imagined. planning a destination wedding can be stressfull - not knowing exactly what things will look like, etc. but my god, the assistant manager wendy and her crew blew us away - from tiki torches around the pool to floating flowers/candles in the pool, to setting up a small bar next to the pool to serving the best meal (to a diverse group) at the restaurant looking down at the pool. and yes, we had the ceremony right there at the pool overlooking that amazing view of the bay! i can wholeheartedly recommend the villa vera for anyone wanting a more secluded, more quiet, more restful, and a little more upscale vacation/honeymoon.

it was perfect!

into the second week - with the guests gone, the wife and i had some time to ourselves. we'd been to Z before and wanted to try a few new places to eat.

la perla - excellent! unreal view. great langosta.

antole y any -(sp?) the best mole i've ever had. period.

casa que canta - (hey, it was our honeymoon!) the pork yucatan was out of this world. didn't like the whole having to dress up thing but....

the only bummer night was on playa municipal at one of the beach side restaurants - the tables right on the sand. i don't remember which one it was, (and i don't think i'd name it anyway) but they tried to pull the "show you a big lobster/bring you a medium one/and then try to charge you double for it trick". thankfully, i established the price up front and that's the price we paid.

anyway, i may have more to say later - i'm just too exhausted right now! :)

the final word: i love Z. i love my new wife. and we both plan on coming back - hopefully to live permanently in the near future!

take care,

the groom

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