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Posted by Ernie Gorrie on November 18, 2001 at 16:55:08:

In Reply to: Bus trip from Zihuatanejo to Puerto Escondido posted by Linda Paulhus on November 18, 2001 at 15:21:41:

My wife and I did the trip (both ways) in February 1995. We spent a week in Troncones, then 10 days in Zihuatanejo, a week in Ixtapa, back to Troncones for two weeks, then down to Puerto Escondido for a couple of weeks, then Ixtapa for a couple of nights and back to Vancouver.

The bus week took from Zihuatanejo left at about 10:00 PM and arrived at about 8:00 the next morning. The return bus had about the same departure/arrival times.

You'll recall that this time was just after the peso devaluation and the EZLN was very prominent. I'll acknowledge that arriving in small villages in the middle of the night seeing EZLN slogans spray painted everywhere was a bit disconcerting. But nothing out of the ordinary happened.

There was (and I believe usually still is) a police check just north of Acapulco. I was the only person taken off of the bus. The police were polite and efficient. I was back on the bus within a minute or so. That may have been the longest minute in my wife's life.

(No wait, there was the time the police picked us up coming out of an ATM kiosk in Zihuatanejo and took us to the police station in the back of a pickup truck filled with what appeared to be 16 year olds toting rifles. But that's a different story.)

At the time that we took our trip, there was no Plus or Ejecutivo buses on this route. Ours was allegedly a first class directo. It only stopped about every 20-30 minutes between Zihuatanejo and Acapulco. After Acapulco the stops were less frequent for a few hours, then resumed the earlier frequency. Oh, and there were no bathrooms on the bus.

If there is now Plus/Ejecutivo, the ride should be quite pleasant. One caution though. A friend who has been on the Manzanillo route has advised me that the drivers sometimes like to show off the air conditioning. She advises to bring layers of clothing or a good blanket when travelling on the high quality buses.

All things considered, I'd do the trip again without concerns. It sure beats flying up to DF then down to PE. And it does make for a nice combination vacation.

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