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Posted by Janice on February 26, 2001 at 13:29:44:

Hi all,
We returned Thurs. to Chicagoland to cold and dreary weather. But had an absolutly wonderful time in Ixtapa again.!!!
We stayed at the Barclo, the hotel was very nice. We go on vacation for R & R and that is what we got. You do have to get up early if you have a preference on lounge chairs. I like quite (away from loud music) and unbrella (cuz hubby is sun sensitive) and it does get pretty hot and I like to be facing the ocean. There is some ol'timers that have to get up before 6 am, cuz one day I woke early and went down and there same group of chairs were always taken.
We had all-inclusive plan (long story) we usually dont do that and we will never do it again. I had heard the food was fabulous there from everyone, not one negative report about it, buuutttt, we did not like the food at all. I had shells w/ my eggs and they were way undercooked. That did me in. Same with lunch and dinners, not that great for us. It just goes to show you likes and dislikes is in the beholder.
We didnt make it to the Golden Cookie Resturant for Breakfast, but that is a must go to place in Ixtapa. Very good for Breakfast or lunch.
We went twice to MAMMA NORMA'S & DEBORAHS (excellent), hubby is a meat and potato's kinda guy (doesnt care for spice or Mexican food) and had a yummy rib-eye both times. WE go to mexico for the weather not the food. Deborah makes homemade deserts that are wonderful too.
I have learned if I dont here about it here Im not going to try it, but we went to the Prime Rib house in Ixtapa. BIG mistake. The prime rib tasted like it was boiled. I love escargot, had twice at Debrahs VERY GOOD, but had it at the prime rib house. THey cooked them in worchester sauce, YUK. Hubbys prime rib was raw, asked for med-well, asked for more butter for potato and they brought melted lemon butter that must be used for seafood. He didnt eat anything, but paid for it w/o a fuss. Sad, $75. and didnt eat.
So we found Ixtapa isnt as inexpensive as it once was. But if you pay so much it should be good. We will just have to be very selective next year. My Brother and family went and ate at JJ's Junk Food Joint and said it was excellent.
Deborah will see a lot of us, next year.
I would have love to explore Z a lot more, maybe next year I will get the nerve to do it alone. Hubby has a very bad back and cant walk very far w/o pain. So I only got an hour to spend there.
But all in all We love it in Ixtapa, planning next years trip. Where to stay? We do like trying differnt places, doesnt have to be quite as nice as Barclo but close, any suggestions. Thinking Radisson, any input would be appreciated. The things that make a perfect winter vacation spot for us is, Sun, pool, beach, sun,(again) & hot. Ixtapa/Z has perfect weather Feb. without a doubt.

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