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Posted by Michael@g2m on February 27, 2001 at 21:21:04:

In Reply to: Re: Pretty Tough posted by ZihuaRob on February 27, 2001 at 12:10:32:


I have read a version of your story before. I think maybe on an older version of your site a couple of years ago. Thanks for posting it here so i could read it again. Reading this version reminds me of an experience this last christmas when the wife and i were visiting her family in Leon and Zacatecas.

As i am sure you know, Mexican families can be very protective of their sisters and daughters, and even more so when a gringo is involved. Some in my wife's family were quick to accept me, but others were clearly hesitant about my intentions. That all passed pretty quickly though, and in a reasonable amount of time, i came to be very much accepted as a new member of the family. One nephew is always asking about me, and seems truly thrilled to see me when we come to visit, and now even talking about studying my profession when he gets older. That blows me away! Her father never misses an opportunity to introduce me to one of his friends or clients, or to brag about me if i am not there. My wife told me about one of these bragging sessions that she saw after i had left the house one day and someone had come by. These kinds of things really make me feel like i am a part of the family.

What i found even more surprising was that i am now of an even more extended family. I had previously met the mother of one of my wife's best friends, twice i think. Now her friend's brother is married to one of my wife's sisters, so in a somewhat remote fashion, that mother of my wife's friend is a relative via 2 marriages. We went to her friend's birthday party during the christmas holiday, and while there i made an effort to search out that mother of my wife's friend. The lady was seemed just thrilled to see me and even more so that i sought her out and sat and talked with her for 1/2 hour or so. So it turns out that this new "family" of mine has turned out to be more extended than i thought it would, and i am just as accepted as a member of this very extended family.

Of course, i can only imagine that this is nothing new to you, and that you have probably had similiar experiences. I guess this post is as much to provide a little more insight about what people like you, i and others have experienced with the Mexican culture, as it is to relate to you.

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