Trip Report day 2

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Posted by Leonard on July 19, 2001 at 20:14:49:

The wife wants to eat the breakfast buffet at Las
Brisas. So, here we go. The setting is beautiful. The dining area is covered open air with the tree tops from 20' below reaching to the dining area ledge. The vibrant reds and deep greens of the trees create an dining experience not to be missed. Hummingbirds and bumble bees are quite busy even at 10:30 a.m..

The buffet consists of cereals, fresh juices such as mango, papaya, and orange, sliced fruits including watermelon, cantalope, honeydew melon, mango and papaya, refried white beans as opposed to pinto beans, pancakes, cheeses, pastries (including those with filled with cream cheese)and eggs cooked to order whether omeletes or ranchero and a bit more that I probably ate but don't remember except when I had to loosen my belt a few days later. The coffee is good and the cream is that typical brownish/white full bodied cream. Service is prompt and competant. The food is quite good. But, be prepared for sticker shock: $40.00 for two. No shrimp or seafood. It is not a brunch, so no mimosas or alcohol is part of the event.

Today is my day for adventure. So, off to Zihua we go by taxi for a walking tour. (We are quite refreshed since we did not have to sleep on the floor as some "folks" prefer, it seems.) We took the taxi to the city pier. The fishermen/charter captains approached us immediately and we spoke with one for a bit. Fishing was not on or minds, but seeing the market and artist market was our goal.

We walked by the basketball court, and stopped at a restaurant for a beer where I looked over my print outs of this website for directions to the markets. We walked by Rob's shop and his wife's shop and looked in the window. We found the church, lit a candle and gave thanks for our safe flight. We crossed the street and browsed the market. As big as Zihua is, we were surprised to see the market crowded into as little space as it was. The shops are so small and there are so many of them. They are "open" but without the "air." It was a bit hot and we did not spend as much time as we wanted but we did look up Jaime's shop. (Those folks who "get it" will probably "get it" here since it would be pleasantly stifling for them). Jaime had quite good prices. But, don't go beyond Jaime's station 24 since the shop owner at the farthest back booth was obnoxious to all who entered. My wife found a bowl and a painting she wanted. We left with the aim to return in a day or so.

While in Zihua, we went by "Any" for something to eat. The bank is across the street so we got more pesos at a much better rate than that offered at the hotel. The fellow with the M 16 standing across the street was not reassuring. Nor were his similarily armed companions inside the bank. At "Any" restaurant, we sat down to a familiar environment. One that we had seen in our travels but not actually entered. Nevertheless, we sat down and were promptly served with salsa and fried tortilla quarters while being handed the menus. Our eyes grew quite big when we saw the salsa bowl. It had obviously been at quite a few tables since it was half full and had an encrustation around the top indicating that it had seen a few other patrons that morning or the day before. Heck, I was in Rome, so I did as the Romans. The wife passed on the salsa. But, my next move was quite lucky. I ordered a tamale as a snack while I waited to see if my wife was going to bolt for the door/entrance. Well, the tamale was fantastic. The biggest tamale I have ever seen and delicious even if pollo and not venado. So, we both ordered a meal. I ate mine and the wife did not eat more than a bite or two. She wanted to take a tamale or two to go, though. Next time, I'll order tamales to go and skip the ambience.

Well, the day is waining. So, we decide to walk to the Porto Mio area. We walked up the hill to the farthest point we could and took pictures of Zihua bay. And on the way back, we stop at Bahia something or another restaurant. We met a fellow and his lady companion who were from California. His first time and her third to Zihua. We drank a few beers and looked out over the bay with the bartender's binoculars. A pleasant stop: sitting by the bay watching the tide roll in. The bartender told us the bus passed in front of his restaurant. So, after another beer or two we took the bus/micro to Ixtapa. It let us out near the hotel Las Brisas. A hotel worker was also a passenger and we passed the time of the ride with him, visiting. He practiced his English and I practiced my Spanish. My wife brushed up on her Spanish vocabulary even though she is a certified bilingual teacher. It was nice. We had fun with the young worker running up the hill to the hotel. He wanted to race me. So, being a bit overweight, he took off slowly. I caught him before the top. He was surprised since I was smiling and he was not. I never told him I ran the Whiterock marathon this year, in Dallas. Gained a pound or two since then. What the heck. Let him stay surprised!

Evening came and we went to the beach at the hotel. I had my flashlight so we walked for a while and sat for a while and talked for a while and drank for a while and ........... . I would share the rest with you but ............ (Some folks have nothing worth sharing at this point, tho, cause they won't "get it" so to speak).

Well, that's it for day two.

(And for you floor sleepers, have you tried the Crystal hotel in Acuna, Coahila, Mexico? I hear they serve leche de chivo. You're probably dooling, huh? Provecho.)

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