Alternative day 2.

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Posted by Barney on July 20, 2001 at 02:37:43:

In Reply to: Trip Report day 2 posted by Leonard on July 19, 2001 at 20:14:49:

After scratching the bites from whatever bit me the night before, my wife and I were ready for breakfast. We decided to hit Dona Licha's Economia... fresh squeezed orange juice, eggs and sausage. Total for two: 5 bucks.

Today was my day of seeing the make believe land of Ixtapa. We took the bus, 4 pesos each into West Palm Beach... ughhh... I mean Ixtapa. Beautiful grass, golf courses, hotels, pools, restaurants, gift shops, beaches, everything you'd expect in a Florida vacation. After 30 minutes of feeling like I was still living in WPB, we headed back to Mexico... I mean Zihua.

Now it was time for lunch. We stopped at the market for a big serving of pig meat. This included ears and some part of the stomach or intestine. My wife picked it out, it was very, very good. We ate half a kilo of the stuff along with salsa and tortillas. Total cost with diet cokes: 6 bucks.

After lunch it was time to visit the church we were married at in Zihua. I remember it well, the priest wanted a "donation" to bypass some paperwork concerning my previous marriage. He naturally brought up the point only an hour before the actual wedding... thinking I'd have no choice but to pay. I told him I'd have the wedding on the beach in West Palm Beach... errr... Ixtapa, if he asked me again for a "donation". That got things rolling, and we had a wonderful wedding at the Zihua church.

After about half an hour at the church, we headed for the little shops to buy silver. My wife bargains like a Zihua native, because she is one. She somehow knows what's real and what's fake and she's pitting one shop owner against another.... it's wild. When the dust clears, we come away with a necklace, bracelet, and a pair of sandals.

For dinner we have hamburgers at the stand next to the basketball court on the beach. The cook is a machine, every hamburger is made exactly the same way... with great care. The burgers have two kinds of cheese, ham, avacado, relish-like salsa, catsup, and mustard. I have two, the wife has one. We split a bottle of "Agua de Taxco". Total cost: 55 pesos.

After dinner I go to Arturo's Gym. Arturo is a good friend of my wife, so we talk for a while about gym equipment in the US. I do a few chest & shoulder exercises and it's time to go home. ( I could go on about how I held the bench pressing record in college, but who really cares. )

This night is cooler than the previous one, I'm happy to be able to sleep in the bed. My wife does what Mexican women do best, then it's off to sleep.

End of day two.

Tomorrow: DAY 3 - Playa Blanca

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