Bungalow Ley - Buyer Beware

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Posted by Bill from CA on August 11, 2001 at 15:43:29:

Upon the recommendation of many people on this board, my girlfriend and I decided to stay at Bungalows Ley, on Madera Beach. This place only has 8 Bungalows and everyone knows that #1 - #5 are very nice, with #7 and #8 being less desirable. Well, guess what? After receiving confirmation from the owner that we would be in Bungalow 2, we were put into Bungalow 8, which had a air conditioning unit installed in a way that it was about one food from the ceiling and blowing air staight up. We had to keep open the refregerator and freezer, plus run two fans on full speed just to keep the room around 80 degrees. This may sound like I am picky, and am not, just dissppointed that after so many recommendations about booking rooms 1-5, that we got #8, which is like a sauna. We tried to get a discount, and shaved off about 30 US off the bill. When booking a room in a small place in Mexico, I am used to getting the room I ask for or am told via email that there will be a change. Because of this, I would caution you about going to this place, unless you want to stay the night in a suana. I let the owner know about this and haven't heard. Loved ", but would stay somewhere else next time. If you are going to stay at this Bungalow, make sure you get rooms 1-5, and if you don't, walk away.

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