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Posted by Stan Lushinsky from ( on Thursday, January 03, 2002 at 08:29:23 :

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Just a little more information on the fishing license situation that has necessitated the change.

Last year, President Fox took a bold stand on protecting the Mexican sportfishing industry by ousting a very corrupt minister of fisheries and recinding some 50 longlining permits that were operating out of Ensenada under a shark research permit. It was all a smoke screen for kick backs and the illegal taking of Marlin, swordfish and other sportfish along the west coast of Mexico. The most important part of Mr. Fox's new legislature was the establishment of a new 50 mile no commercial harvest zone which is a serious step in protecting the fish that provide us the enjoyment we expect. This story was covered extensively in many trade magazines in early 2001. To provide ENFORCEMENT of this new legislature, Mr. Fox allowed for a 50% increase in the RANGE of fishing license fees that were being charged by sportfishing operations all along the coast. Since the RANGE was increased. Local authorities could decide what the exact increase would be so although licensing fees are generally pretty close in each destination they are not completely uniform. Adding to the complexity, local authorities could at anytime increase fees, as long as they were within the range. This makes it difficult to quote exact pricing without overcharging or undercharging for the fee. As a result of these changes, all important fishing destinations Cabo, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cancun, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo etc have adopted a policy NOT to include the license fee in the pricing. It makes for a level playing field between the destinations, makes it more accurate, and it is much easier to represent.

AS of 1/1/02 We have been notified by the licensing commission in Ixtapa ZIhuatanejo that the licensing fees for Ixtapa Zihuatanejo would be thge following.
1 Day ----- $ 12.50 US
1 Week -----$ 23.50 US
1 month ----$ 33.50 US
1 year -----$ 45.50 US

These prices were quoted based on an exchange rate to peso of $ 9.05 at the time of quoting. Since license prices are quoted in Pesos exchange rate fluctuations can increase or decrease the actual price of the licenses.

AS a wholesaler of sportfishing charters, any agent pre-selling a package to Mexico now looses the commission generated by the sale and inclusion of the licensing fee in the charter. Unamiously, we all agree that this is a small price to pay for the protection of our sportfishing resource and are more than willing to forego any loss of revenue. When you consider the price of the Mexican license versus what you would pay in any state in the US to fish, it is a real bargain.

Tag & release is a great idea and one which we as well as others have tried to promote from the bottom up. This approach is most difficult and for the first time in Mexico's history we have the support of the people at the top. Examine the results of the last few tag & release tournaments and think about the implications if commercial longlining fleets were able to set up shop in our locat1on. The consequences would be devasting and instead of adressing licensing issue we would be trying to determine what if any fish were left to provde sport. I have seen what the lack of pro active fisheries management has done in other destinations. We do not ever want that to happen in I/Z and with that comes the proper perspective on the licensing issues.

Ixtapa Sportfishing Charters

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