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Posted by ZihuaRob from (dup-200-65-88-250.prodigy.net.mx) on lunes, julio 22, 2002 at 19:30:02 :

In Reply to: Re: teach your children well? reply posted by Thom from (216-210-138-202.atgi.net) on lunes, julio 22, 2002 at 16:45:02 :

Just what gives the collective us the right to enslave and "domesticate" by force (which is the same as enslavement) any other living being? Your argument that "evolution shows that the strong survive" would be a pretty sorry and scary principle upon which to base any answer. Slavery has existed longer than humans have "domesticated" any animals including horses and dogs, yet enlightened thinkers agree slavery is wrong and should be abolished. You appear to be condoning its continuance by condoning the enslavement and "domestication" of dolphins and other animals in order "to serve man" (reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode). Those same dolphins are currently subject to forms of "domestication" and "training" techniques that would be considered "cruel and unusual punishment" were they practiced on humans, techniques that are prohibited even in our prisons.

If we were half as intelligent as we like to think we are we wouldn't need to domesticate by domination and fear. We would be able to communicate respectfully between species and learn from each other and foster trust. If a dolphin trusts you it will allow you to swim with it. If a dog trusts you it will allow you to pet it. If a horse trusts you it will allow you to ride it. Anything less is cruelty and bulliness.

I believe we should stop being hypocrites and ascribe the same rights to the other inhabitants of this planet as we would wish for ourselves.

Or we can keep playing the "domination and domestication" game, which has placed our natural world on the path to destruction. We are currently experiencing the greatest mass extinction in over 60 million years. Few would disagree that humans are responsible. And of course pollution knows no non-human source.

What will it take to make you and others see that the dolphins' plight is our plight, that the extinction of a species is the extinction of a part of all of us, that the suffering of wild or domestic animals is also our suffering, that the loss of a forest is a loss of part of ourselves? The dolphins' right to freedom is YOUR right to freedom. Believe it or lose it.

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