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Posted by Thom from ( on lunes, julio 22, 2002 at 16:45:02 :

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So how many "social" animals have you interferred with just by walking or swimming. Dont preach. Evolution shows that the strong survive. We are a curious people and need to learn about other species. Do you feel that none of the people that have interacted personnally with these dolphins feels indifferent. I have seen dolphins in the wild and think they are great. I have never swam with a dolphin but I will SOON. The fact is animal rights activists have gone to far. They force their beleifs on everyone. How do they think most of our past was created. By using animals and domestivcating them. One day dolphins may be domesticated. It has to start somewhere. Just think we have trained dogs to assist us in searches on land. Could dolphins be trained to locate lost sailors. Not if we dont try and that envolves containment.

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