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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on lunes, julio 22, 2002 at 14:32:27 :

In Reply to: Re: teach your children well? reply posted by Thom from ( on lunes, julio 22, 2002 at 11:08:34 :

"Relocating" a wild, intelligent, sensitive and social animal such as a dolphin from the infinite sea to a swimming pool is hardly to be compared with the roundup of horses on public lands in the western states. Horses have been bred by man for thousands of years and their life span is not shortened by their confinement. Dolphins have not been bred by man (nor should they be) and they do not thrive in captivity the same as a horse, cow, dog or cat. Their hearts break along with their spirit and they die slowly, sadly and needlessly.

It astounds me that we humans still consider acceptable behavior their forced enslavement without any true consideration for the feelings of the dolphins about whom we are speaking. I'd bet Las Vegas that not one free-born dolphin dreams of someday growing up to be an "attraction" at Sea World or any Swim-With-The-Dolphins programs in order to entertain and enrich humans.

The problem is that we as humans feel we have the right to interfere with their natural lives. I do not subscribe to this criminal hypocrisy. The overall consequences of man's interaction with the natural world are quite pathetic to date. We should be ashamed of what we've done to the Natural Order, and I hope some day our part will be to care for our island planet and live in harmony with its other inhabitants, including our fellow species, not continue trying to conform it to our selfish whims and desires.

From a dolphin's point of view it is nothing less than enslavement to do what is being done to them. No animal should be compelled against their will to do our bidding, horses included. When I took care of horses they did not go riding if they did not want to, and that was fine with me. The reward of communicating with a horse or dolphin on their own terms far exceeds any temporary benefit of forcing them to succumb to our will.

I would also attribute our continuing lack of comprehension on the part of humans as to how we should interact with the natural world is evidence of one of the ills of our overpopulation of this planet and our continuing rationalization of our selfcenteredness. For all our technological creativity we still don't appear very intelligent. Certainly not intelligent enough to order the natural world around "to do our bidding" without suffering severe consequences for all involved, and thus we all lose. So sad, self-destructive and unnecessary.

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