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Posted by T from ( on lunes, agosto 05, 2002 at 12:35:49 :

In Reply to: Trip report part 1 posted by JEF from ( on sábado, julio 27, 2002 at 12:49:33 :

This is “T” referred to in your recent postings. I just became aware of this Saturday morning, August 3, 2002, and didn’t receive the web pages until Sunday, or I would have responded much earlier. I must first say that I know the law and nothing illegal was done at the fine, reputable Villa San Sebastian. Secondly, it is criminal that someone such as “JEF” would take the word of an 11-year old as “gospel” and then make careless observations – all folded into a defamation of character accusation. The only thing that occurred was brief private modeling sessions with hats and colorful sarongs I bought, with two 18-year olds within the confines of our private patio, (not within the unit), on the day referred to. I did not let two others join us because one was sixteen and I didn’t want any minors near my condo unit and the other who was 18 didn’t have a good smile to look nice in a stylish hat. Their mother stayed with them in front of the office. I didn’t want my girlfriends daughter around either because she can be annoying, so I told her earlier to stay near the pool with her nanny because I was going to take private photos with some models later. That’s how an 11-year old jumps to conclusions, but that’s not how an adult should. Everyone had a good time with the photo session – no touching, or even bad language, and my girlfriend found it to be an innocent thing. I paid them $50 U.S. for less than an hour of “work” as I know people down there really need the money.

Now when news of the “easy money” got around the mother and two other girls I didn’t choose came back, uninvited, the following day asking for modeling work. I spent probably a half-hour politely refusing and trying to make them understand that I wouldn’t. They left without work, or money.

Prior to all of this, while we were buying hats, etc. my driver mentioned that he knew some women who would like to model for us. Later he brought 18 and 19-year olds for some modeling on the private patio with our new clothes – again with no touching. It was all very innocent. That’s why everything was done so openly because there was nothing wrong taking place.

I am very upset with all of this false accusation going around. The good people of Zihuatanejo, including the condo owners of Villa San Sebastian; had better not suffer from “JEF’s” slanderous statements, or I will consult my own attorney to rectify this situation. Villa San Sebastian is a wonderful, happy place and they deserve the best of the tourist trade.

I expect “JEF” to apologize to all readers, and the Webmaster to pull this trash from the website immediately. I also want to personally apologize to LR and LV for the trauma this has caused and I will never agin take innocent modeling photos in privacy if things can be perceived so incorrectly. The article I write will be very positive about Zihuatanejo and I will highly recommend the Villa San Sebastian.

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