Tropical breezes and gentle rain?

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Posted by Ron from Alberta / Zihua from ( on jueves, septiembre 26, 2002 at 01:47:26 :

In Reply to: tropical breezes posted by ZihuaRob from ( on miércoles, septiembre 25, 2002 at 19:57:16 :

I was downtown this morning a few hours before it really hit (just after 1 up in El Huajal) and it was bad enough already - lakes and rivers where the streets had been - most businesses closed (including yours Rob?) - storm sewers spouting fountains in various places. Word from up the hills is that roofs are missing and at least one house gone from the community my wife has worked with in the past. I was so grateful for strong concrete walls and firm roof, though I watched the metal roof of a house under construction twist and finally let go after taking a real beating for what seemed like hours, but was really only a couple. Don't think I want to go through a real hurricane - this was enough initiation to Zihua, thanks. It's still raining buckets and we just got power in our neighbourhood (sporadically), though we could see others with lights shortly after dark. Trees down all over, but, at least up here and from what we can see (a lot) of Zihua, it is not exactly denuded. Mostly broad-leafed trees, not palms, on the road and a lot of green still here. Kudos to the cleanup crews who must have been really sweating in their bright yellow rainsuits.
Zihua will still be a good vacation destination. It isn't wrecked, though the personal damage to folk, especially the poorer ones will be significant, I think.

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