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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on miércoles, septiembre 25, 2002 at 19:57:16 :

In Reply to: How are you doing Rob? posted by Les from ( on miércoles, septiembre 25, 2002 at 18:04:16 :

I don't know what the weather people are calling it, but we apparently just had a hurricane form up on top of us. Though it had been raining for over 24 hours there hadn't been any indication of a 'cane until about noon or so, just after I made my last post below (see "Forget Isidore! We've got #@%*¢#$#¡!!"). Just after I posted I saw a few leaves blow by, then the power went out and the wind quickly increased and the rain let up a bit. The wind built up until it was about a steady 80 mph, and blew down most of the trees in town. I received reports from Ixtapa and La Ropa and other colonias that trees were down all over. It was quite dangerous outside with awnings and signs and windows blowing out and branches and rooftop plants and other debris falling everywhere, and at one point the fallen trees blocked all access to this section of town. During one brief break in the maelstrom I pulled a large tree out of the way in front of my house so that cars could get by since people were honking and driving over the sidewalk but no drivers or other neighbors seemed to want to dirty their hands. :~/

We lost a small section of lamina (I don't know how you say that in English) from our rooftop apartment, and I had to climb up to secure the broken piece from flying off somewhere. We also have a few broken potted plants and a broken door from our rooftop bathroom, but we are very fortunate compared to a lot of other less sturdy houses and structures in our area (our 50-year old house is built with reinforced cement). And I must commend the city workers who were out with chainsaws clearing up the fallen trees around town while the wind was still fairly strong. Hats off also to the electric company for reestablishing power (at least downtown) within a reasonably short period of time. We weren't expecting power to be restored until late tonight or tomorrow.

It's still raining and the streets are still a mess, but the storm has passed to the north of us and the wind is now back to a balmy tropical breeze once again.

Zihuatanejo is fortunate in that the shape of the hills around the bay provides quite a bit of natural shelter from the full force of the wind. I hate to think what some of the places facing the open ocean just went through. Same goes for all the poor people living high on the hillsides around the bay. I imagine they took the full brunt of the storm, and that many of their relatively flimsy homes have suffered some extensive damage.

Life in the tropics is anything but dull, and I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else! I love this weather: it separates the wimps from the valiants and makes one certainly feel alive! ;~)

"There ain't no reason with the hurricane season!"
old Florida saying

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