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Posted by JP from (?) on martes, noviembre 12, 2002 at 19:06:10 :

My first trip to Zihua, and what a beautiful place! My new wife and I are lucky enough to afford Villa del Sol, and that is one great hotel.

10/28: Arrived late and took a taxi to the hotel. Grabbed a bite to eat at La Cantina and walked on the beach in the rain. Muy Romantico!
10/29: Went to town to get pesos from ATM. Wandered around but didn't buy much. Got a nice bag for carrying our beach gear around. Spent the rest of the day sitting under a palapa. This will be a recurring theme!
10/30: All day under a palapa. At lunch and dinner at the hotel because we just didn't feel the need to get up. I don't much care if anyone thinks I'm a lazy American, I did what I wanted on my vacation. In the evening, the hotel had a tortugita release (the tortoises lay their eggs on the beach, and Villa del Sol protects them until they hatch). Over 200 little tortugitas made their way into the ocean that night.
10/31: Took a charter from Capitan Marcos over to Manzanillo beach and went snorkelling. Very beautiful. No one around but us and we spent around 2 hours just floating along watching the beautiful fish and other sea life. Had dinner at Casa que Canta. I wasn't really impressed.
11/1: Back to town. This time we found Calle 5 de Mayo, and discovered some great deals. Most were "almost free," according to the merchants. Bought several pieces of pottery and some hand-carved wooden masks.
11/2: Last full day, so it was spent on the beach under a palapa. Dinner at Kau Kan topped off the trip. Very nice place. And if you make a 7pm reservation, you'll be the only person there!
11/3: Tropical depression made our trip home very eventful. Flight to Mexico City AND flight to Dallas were both cancelled. Spent whole day sitting in airports, but we got home around midnight and got some rest.

As much as we loved Villa del Sol, the next vacation will probably be somewhere a little less expensive. Our shyness about being in an unknown place also kept us from experiencing all of the other great restaruants and shops I've read about. (Plus I didn't write 'em down!) But I guess that just means we'll have to go back, so I think Angie will forgive me!

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