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Posted by Dorado1 from ( on jueves, enero 30, 2003 at 18:15:09 :

In Reply to: Killing Fish for Sport - NOT GOOD! posted by ZihuaRob from ( on jueves, enero 30, 2003 at 09:33:36 :

Rob as you have often said change comes slow. Obtaining the 30 kilo minimum weight was a beginning. You have to start somewhere. AS you well know, I am NOT in favor of any billfish kill tournaments, that is why I brought the very first total tag & release tournament here in the first place.

Look at the facts. This was originally a total kill tournament. Ed Kunze & I were asked to help out, we said NO, not until we got some concessions, i.e. a minimum weight and awards for the anglers releasing fish. Many meetings in May resulted in a 30 kilo minimum weight and awards for release. Now had this been total kill another 700-850 or so fish would have been killed as in the "other tournament" you mentioned. As it was about 200-225 fish died or were taken, a normal loss ratio of 10% accounted for approximately 100 fish. Most, not all, of the remaining 100-125 were never taken off the boats as they were taken by Mexican nationals owning the boats for food.

The format followed by this tournament is the same as most other major tournaments in transition from total kill, to modified kill and finally to total tag & release. Even the Big Daddy of them all "The Bisbee Black & Blue" in Cabo only recently made this change. The founders of this one should be congratulated for starting at step 2 of the process.

Contra to your statement, had Ed Kunze & I not interceded there would have had 1000 dead fish on the dock. Who else was going to stop it? YES. it isn't a good thing to be part of any kill tournament but to be act as an advisor to point a modified kill tournament in the direction of catch & release, well it's a start.

Change comes slow!!

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