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Posted by Stan Lushinsky from ( on lunes, febrero 03, 2003 at 14:59:35 :

In Reply to: a question of ethics posted by ZihuaRob from ( on lunes, febrero 03, 2003 at 11:31:06 :

It really is all about "HOW." and I might add " HOW NOT" All of my captains have their own clients as well as the ones I provide for them. I simply ask them to support the network of agents who supply them with new customers. It is the only way the system will work. In the US we call it Partnershipping and in large part it is a measure of Loyalty and committment to a win-win business deal. Those captains who have embraced this concept are among the most successful in Zihua. Those who do not believe in this concept are the captains who scramble on the pier each morning for charters. They rely on price cutting measures and outright thievery as does Mr. Phillips and his associates. No doubt the intentional wrongful use of our name by Mr Phillips has caused confusion and damage. It took over a year to distance myself from the effects of my association with his farce of a tournament. You are right Rob, his actions once again speak louder than his words.

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