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Posted by percy from ( on martes, febrero 04, 2003 at 10:55:08 :

In Reply to: Re: Hotel Fontan Ixtapa posted by Cheryl from ( on martes, febrero 04, 2003 at 09:41:29 :

Well you are an old hand at X&Z having been there many times before.
I got a good deal at the Hotel Fontan for their AI.
I know that I could have always found a cheaper way. I could have rented a plAce in Zihau which as you know is very nice , and then went out to eat here and there and also have food in the room and drinks ,and it would have been cheaper.
My wife does not think this is a holiday,she wants to be served a little and relax and rest and I agree with her.
What I mean is that IF you are staying at the Fontan (or any other hotel) AND you also eat at the same hotel,THEN the AI is cheaper.
Yes the pool has activities and loud music and games of volleyball and basket ball on the beach and other games. There is water exercises to music.
There is nighlt entertainment.
The towels are right beside the pool in this little hut so you cannot miss it.
I think the towel place opens up at 8AM or 9AM.
If the hotel is full ,then goearlier and place a magazine, book, t shirt or something on a chair( or two),then go backto the room and wash up and go for breakfast, then back to your room to get your stuff and your saved chair will still be there.
There were no hair dryers but you can ask for one.
Your are right there are a lot of cheap places to eat some of them in Zihau. We went to some of them in both Z &X,just for a little change from the buffet. Although you get 2 ala carte per week at the Fontan.
Have a great time
When are you going

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