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Posted by urs in PDX from ( on jueves, febrero 27, 2003 at 20:10:00 :

In Reply to: Re: A Zihua Wedding Tale posted by Melanie in Oregon from ( on miércoles, febrero 26, 2003 at 13:24:38 :

hi melanie
i would love to answer any questions you have about planning a wedding in zihua. there is so much to tell--so i'll just start by answering your questions and feel free to add more when they come up.

flowers: isabel coordinated our flowers with a local vendor, and it was definitely an experience in itself. When i asked isabel which flowers they could get--or which were in abundance this time of year--she said they could get anything i wanted. well, this drove me crazy, so i spent days and days researching flowers and trying to make decisions. Finally, as part of our contract, I wrote in exactly what i wanted and attached photos of the flowers and how i wanted them arranged. Isabel told me the prices--which were somewhat higher than i expected--and i thought we were good to go. So here we are on the day of the wedding,and isabel comes to get me to look at the flowers. the store was supposed to get the shipment of flowers in the day before. The shipment didn't get there till after NOON and the wedding was at 6, so i was a bit freaked out by this. Once i was told by isabel that the flowers were in, we went down to the shop together. none of the flowers i had requested were there. they were just going to go ahead and give me whatever else they had and arrange them however. the photos i had sent isabel were nowhere in sight. so right there, hours before the wedding, my bridesmaid and i completely re-did the flowers and told the guy at the shop how to arrange them (with isabel translating). what a rush! the reason i didn't mention this issue in my previous posting is because in the end--the flowers we chose were much more appropriate for the setting than those i had originally ordered--and everything turned out beautifully. i chalked the experience up as just one of those things that happens when you get married in mexico--but i was somewhat disappointed that i had been led to believe that i could have "whatever i wanted" rather than told that i should wait to choose flowers until we knew what they would have in. all in all--like i said--the flowers were gorgeous, and the store isabel recommended, while not the best in reliability, did come up with some great last minute arrangements!

-rehearsal dinner-
we had our rehersal dinner out at Las Gatas Beach at Owen's and it was fantastic! we just did a buffet style taco bar with fresh mahi mahi and all the fixins. The locat1on was fun and the food excellent--service too. They even decorated the place nicely with fresh flowers. It was very laid-back and we invited all the guests from the wedding since they had come so far. isabel arranged a boatride for transportation which was fun for the guests but unfortunately didn't run as smoothly as we'd like for the departure since it took a LONG time to get 50 people to the beach. What i would do differently is suggest that people spend the afternoon out at Las Gatas Beach, bring some clothes to change in, and go to the meal from there. Or just start the dinner earlier. I wanted more daylight since the locat1on is so cool and i knew the guests would enjoy it.

--another thing i didn't mention in the previous message is that we had the wedding dinner at kau-kan. i think this would be another place to have a great rehersal dinner since it's locat1on is so stunning and the food so great. but it is more expensive. I don't know how formal your wedding is going to be-but since we were having a "fancy" meal on the wedding night, we did something much more casual for the rehersal dinner. I will keep thinking if i come up with any other suggestions, and please let me know if you have other questions....

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