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Posted by Harry from Detroit from ( on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 10:50:56 :

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I have a story to share about being stupid on the ocean. About 6 years ago, I was in the Florida keys and while I was waiting for my fishing charter to leave. I met two old guys at the gas dock. We agreed that it would be much cheaper for me to help pay for gas and go with them the next day. The boat owner was 72 an his buddy 70. who would have thought they had just bought the boat and didn't know much about boating? First mistake it was an 18 footer. We were supposed to to under the bridge and fish on the gulf side where it was calm water. We had small craft warnings and shouldn't be out anyway, but they had two outboard engines and an electric trolling motor. They wanted to give me a thrill and go out in the ocean and catch some really big fish before we went to the gulf. We were out about 4 miles and got our engine caught on some kind of anchor line. The boat stopped and the waves came over the back and capsized us. We were all lucky enough to get back on top of capsized boat. I found the line and cut us loose so we could drift with the waves. We were rescued 4 hours later by a commercial fisherman. I can't explain how frightened I was. This is one reason I'm so picky about who I go with and the condition of their equipment. I don't try to cut corners and go with someone just because of the price. I fish with Ramon and I only go out if I feel we would be in no danger if the motor should fail. This is the main point to consider when deciding between a large boat and a Panga. I wouldn't go out on any boat without a radio and safety equipment. I almost always catch lots of fish with him. Thats why they call it fishing and not catching. There are lots of boats in Zihu, make sure you inquire about the safety equipment before anything else.
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