on the 2 Potosi-s and 'tequila bottle on the head' dancing

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Posted by Laura from (dup-200-65-89-179.prodigy.net.mx) on Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 16:01:16 :

In Reply to: Potosí posted by Lani - Minnesota from (198.minneapolis-18-19rs.mn.dial-access.att.net) on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 12:09:42 :

for Lani and everyone,

We are definitely talking about two different places. I live in Barra de Potosi just south of Zihua- actually only 15 minutes south of the Zihua-Ixtapa airport where we enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches and lagoon/estuaries in Mexico.

I've always wanted to visit San Luis Potosi on an inland trip sometime where they enjoy some of Mexico's most beautiful colonial architecture in a fine old city. I haven't had the pleasure yet but I always wondered about the origin of the name Potosi having only known it was a general reference to places where there was silver mining.

We have no silver mines in La Barra de Potosi. But legend has it that the picturesque Hill of Guamilule at the southern hook of our bay houses a secret cave where pirates once hid treasure of silver and gold. Maybe that's how the name was given to a tiny fishing village. La Teresita, Doņa Roma's restaurant, is still here. I just finished recovering from dancing there.

I was amazed at how the women of La Barra can dance while balancing a tequila bottle on their heads! You should have seen Doņa Edelmira from La Condesa restaurant-who is a grandmother many times- also the tortilla lady who brings those freshhot tortillas each morning to the village... wow! And Doņa Roma herself!

At first I though it might be a trick of the hairdos until she was joined by a bald cocacola distributer man who was one of the best hipswinging dancers I've ever seen and not only did he keep the rythym and the bottle from falling but he actually seemed to be able to tilt his head in various ways while it slid around smoothly.

Such warmhearted fun! But I seem to have danced for more hours than my poor feet could really handle at this fantastic baptism celebration of Doņa Roma's new grandson. So I had to rest for several days in my hammock with a good book while I wait for DSL lines so I can really keep up with my emails. They wouldn't let me stop. We were also celebrating 25 years of business for La Teresita there at the place where the lagoon joins the sea.

Hasta pronto,

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