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Posted by sue from ( on lunes, diciembre 29, 2003 at 16:09:55 :

Our family (husband & I and 2 adult children) spent 12/20-12/27 in Ix/Z. It was 2nd trip for my husband & I. Stayed in Continental Plaza condo -- worked out great for the 4 of us -- highly recommended.
Chile y Tequilas in Ix has gone out of business since March as has Las Margaritas -- we were disappointed about that! Alex (from CyT) is now at La Bocana in Z!Replacement restaurant at C6T site is pretty good though. Best margarita recommendation -- Casa Arcadia in Z along the Paseo del Pescador. One of their 350 peso-sized margzritas will suffice! Raul was great and waited on us each of the (many) times we went for drinks! Also saw Richard Schiff (Toby) from West Wing on Christmas Eve as we were learning. Best food recommendation -- Tamale y Atole Any -- green pork pozole was super! The "kiddielike" size is ample. Our waiter explained how to add all the "condiments" to the pozole. This was also the MOST economical meal we had. It seemed everyone else jacked up the prices for Christmas week. Worst dining experience -- Tata's in Z. My daughter and I ate the guacamole and got violently ill the next a.m. (our last a.m. of the vacation!) The guacamole tasted "funny" to me that evening; I should have let that be my clue, but learned the hard way. 2 days later and I can finally look at food without feeling sick.
Las Gatas or Isla Ixtapa? Choose the latter. We went to the former in March and were disappointed. We went to I. Ix on Christmas Day and our kids loved it so much we went back the next day! 3 beaches to choose from -- we chose Playa Coral because of the snorkeling and because it was much more quiet (no boats/banana boat rides, etc.) Our son took lots of pictures walking around the island. Our daughter was totally enthralled with the snorkeling.
Other fun things: 1)the mercado central in Z -- we happened into the smaller market thinking we got off the bus at Av. Benito Juarez and as a result got to see pinatas being made for the Christmas celebration; 2)the holiday decorations in the zocalo/basketball court area of Z and the violin player who serenaded the crowd with Christmas Carols on La Nochebuena; 3)seeing the fishermen selling their previous night's catch in Z early in the morning (actually not really early -- 8:00ish); 4) going to Comercial Mexicana in Z to buy food and seeing the prepared, stuffed turkeys and pork loin roasts for Christmas Eve dinners that sold for 720-800ish pesos!!; 5)shopping in the market on 5 de Mayo and the other shops in Z. We found a book in Galeria Maya that is a great guidebook -- written by Linda Fox. Even with all the great info from this message board we found the book to be quite a handy reference and it fit easily in a purse.If anyone is concerned about ATM machines -- there is one that we found that swipes cards rather than "eats" them -- Bank Serfin at the corner of Benito Juarez and Nicolas Bravo. Exchange rate at Bital Bank in Ix was 11.40 as opposed to 10.80 at the Casa de Cambios. We had a wonderful week; can't wait to go back, especially since St. Louis greeted us with temps in the 50's and rain when we returned!

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