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Posted by debk from ( on miércoles, enero 14, 2004 at 20:16:20 :

I think I will mostly try to address questions I have seen on the board, a few opinions and my best experiences or others I wish had done but did not, but forgive me if I wander in s spite of my best intentions.

An hour lay over in Mexico City may be long enough if your flight does not arrive 45 minutes late however if it does, even the best intentions of a wonderful connection agent is not enough to help. He looked at me (without laughing) and asked if I could run. I asked hom how far, he said we are at number 36 and we need to go to 5, didn't sound to bad until I hit 30 and was ready to drop dead, he grabbed my back pack and cheered me on, whisked me thru all that needed to be whisked, by 20 had to walk, gasping for breath,he ran on trying to catch the plane, they did not wait and were pulling away from the gate as I crawled to it. The next flight ;didn;t leave until 6 that night so I did not arrive until after dark.

Must say that the advantage to arriving at 7PM is that I was out of the ariport and at my hotel within 20 minutes of landing. You can read about my stay at Villa Mexicana in an earlier report today.

my husband was due to arrive 2 days later and his travel went smoothly, even arrived in MC early. Was at VM enjoying the sun and beach by 4 in the afternoon.

One of the highlight's of my trip was a visit to Lupita to tell her about the school supplies arriving with my husband. While there Gordon and his wife Freddie came into to tell her what they had for the schools. She told us that she would be talking to the superintendent the next day about which school was in the most need and they would go on Friday to make the delivery. I had already booked snorkeling with Hector as my husband would only be there for 3 full days. Met up with Gordy and Freddie Saturday, they spend lazy days at VM, who told me the most incredible story of their visit up the mountain with Lupita and the DS to a very poor school, 7 rooms built up along the mountain surviving and teaching with almost no resourses, I hope Gordy will post his own message about htis experience when they return home in a couple of days.

Fishing with Ramon, You have got to do it. We told him we only wanted to take dinner, everything else must be released. Not a great day for fishing (full moon?), but he and his nephew were terrific. They kept the bait fresh, released a small bonita that he told me I didn't want, dinner would come later, Tom caught a huge dorado of which we needed only half of one filet, the rest fed Ramon's family. The highlight was asking Ramon early onif it was common to see dolphin and he said we would see. We found ourselves in the midst of hundreds who performed for us as if being paid for the show. They froliced and jumped and swam soclose to the boat that I was sure we sould hit them. Ramon said not to worry they were too smart to get hurt. He was right, we enjoyed this show several times throughout our day of fishing. When I asked about sailfish and our nasty experience two years ago about a captain that gave us a line of bull and killed 3 against our protests, he told me not to worry "he was a fish doctor". Sure enough we (he)spotted a sail, went after it and hooked it, it was a great catch for my husband. RAmon was very gentle with the fish and released him without incedent,. MOre later...

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