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Posted by Scott from ( on lunes, enero 19, 2004 at 20:59:22 :

I see there is new development underway in Zihuatanejo.

They are clearing out all the trees up on the hill between playa las gatas and playa la ropa. They are building roads, etc. There is going to be significant development up there. A few weeks ago you couldn't really see out to the backside of playa la ropa, when following the little trails up at the top, but now the little trails have turned into 15 ft wide roads, and you can see barra de potosi, the hill in Barra de Potosi, and los morros de potosi clear as day from up on the hill, because they're chopping down all the trees. It's very nice, but sad. I mentioned this place in my top ten list I posted last night. It is a very nice place to go wandering around right now, if you like hiking and exploring.

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