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Posted by Bobbi in Denver from ( on lunes, enero 26, 2004 at 14:03:53 :

Just got home yesterday to a nasty snowstorm...way to say welcome home & make me want to go back!

We stayed at the Radisson with a group of about 200, which seemed to overwhelm the staff most of the time. The rooms are fine - nothing spectacular though. The food by the pool is fine for an afternoon snack when you are too lazy to walk somewhere else. The breakfast buffet was fine, but pretty expensive at $15 US....can get a great inexpensive breakfast across the street at Soleido.

We spent some time in Zihua and really enjoyed Tamales y Atole Any's - had a large group and they took great care of us. The sangria was yummy!

We had a large group at La Perla and also were disappointed in the service. They did know we were coming ahead of time, so it wasn't a surprise for them. I didn't get half of what I ordered and the food for our table of 6 was delivered in two shifts - the first half were already done eating before the rest came.

On the other hand, Rossy's had wonderful service. We went there on late on Friday evening to celebrate a birthday, but were told that they were already closed for the evening. When we told them that it was for someone's birthday, they promptly opened up the restaurant and took great care of us!

On Saturday morning, we did the Jaguar tour outside of Troncones. This is the zip line canopy tour and cave trip. It was absolutely terrific! We got there around 9:15AM, got our gear and took off for the hike. It's about a 10 minute drive from Troncones to the area where the tour is given. You get a backpack with your harness and the thing that slides down the cable. The hike up to the cave is a good walk...bring extra water and make sure you eat a good breakfast before for energy. We spent about an hour exploring the cave with Bill, the guide. He has found some amazing carvings in the cave which were put there by some local tribe several hundred years ago. The cave tour was fun, very dirty and took a lot of energy for me - I'm not a rock climber by nature! We got some great group photos in the cave. Then on to the zip line part of the tour. You hike a little farther up and put on your harness. Then you climb up to a platform and get hooked onto the cable and off you's great! There are 3 zip lines right now, but they are in the process of adding two more which will be finished soon. We paid $88 US for the trip which included our transportation to/from the Radisson and the entire tour - we got a discount because we had 8 people. We left at 8:30AM and returned at 2PM. It was a great day - ruined only by the Radisson staff rushing us out of our hotel room when we had requested late check out because we knew we wouldn't be back in time. My roommate who didn't go on the trip had to pack up all my stuff for me and was told that if we weren't out of the room by 2PM, they would have to charge us extra for the day.

Other enjoyable highlights....Mamma Normas & Deborahs, Golden Cookie, exploring Zihua and finally finding the Mezcal Man! We also had sky divers land over the top of our volleyball nets on the beach near Carlos & Charlies....we met the guys who went skydiving by chance at Any's the next day. They said they paid about $200 US each, plus an extra $99 for video.

Because we were there for a volleyball tournament, I again didn't have as much time to explore as I would have liked. Thanks to Frontier, which is flying direct from Denver starting this week, I will be able to book my own trip next year and spend some time after the trip is over to see some of the more remote areas.

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