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Posted by The Other Mike from Minnesota from ( on miércoles, enero 28, 2004 at 17:24:25 :


I considered different formats for doing this trip report. I decided against doing a day-by-day log because it would read:
Day (X)…got up when we felt like it. Had breakfast and drank coffee. Sat around the beach, reading. Went swimming. Started drinking (pick one or more of the following) cervesas – marguaritas - pina coladas- Cuba libres – mescal - wine. Ate snacks. Sat around the beach, reading. Went swimming. Drank more (see above). Walked from Playa La Ropa to downtown Zihua. Went to dinner. Went for a walk. Went to bed.

Day (X+1)…see above.

In other words, we relaxed and marked the passing of time by little mini-adventures. Our first adventure was:


Kayleen and I had a rare, trouble-free trip on Saturday, January 10, 2004. We arrived at the airport, got through customs, got on the plane, and left on time! We had a turbulence-free flight and arrived at the Ixtapa airport on time. We got our luggage right away. We did punch the dreaded red light at Mexican customs. I am nervous about getting the light, for we bring items for the mission there. This year we had medical supplies (children's vitamins, prenatal vitamins and two ventilators, complete with about thirty hoses), children's shoes and Spanish bibles. The customs agents were astonished at the hoses - I don't think they had ever seen ventilator hoses before! The hoses are clear plastic tubes with breathing masks, each one disposable and wrapped in plastic. (Ventilators are used for administering medications by breathing - as in asthma medications.) I summoned up my best Spanish and explained "tengo los suministros medicos para el missionario!" They actually understood what I was saying, smiled, and let me pass! Once outside the airport, I found a bus that would take us to the Villa Mexicana. I also found a couple of enterprising young men with coolers full of cervesas! I enjoyed a cold Corona and soaked up the sunshine! The bus ride to the Villa Mexicana (VM) was uneventful and relaxing. We arrived at the VM and checked in. We found the folks at the reception desk to be extremely courteous and helpful. We had the dreaded "run of the house" rooms, and were assigned room 1601. They didn't have anything else available. Room 1601 had no balcony and was accessible only by walking through a narrow passage way on the second floor, not enough room for two people (unless they were friendly) to pass by each other.


Overall, I would say I enjoyed my stay at VM. On the down side, 1). not all the rooms have balconies. We spend only two of our fourteen nights in 1601, and everyday I would politely ask for a room "con el balcon, por favor, manana queza’?" They gave us 1303, which was by the pool and had a nice balcony. I was very happy with it. 2). The mattresses were not on box springs, they were on elevated concrete pedestals. They were quite hard, but one gets used to it. 3). They had two pools, one was a shallow pool for small kids, the other was a very small pool, room to go in and get wet but not swim laps. 4). They ran out of hot water a couple of times. Those were the negatives. Fortunately, the positives far outweighed the negatives. The rooms were clean. The air conditioner was adjustable so you could control how cool you wanted (we mostly kept the A/C off, there was good ventilation and the normal temperature was okay). The employees were very helpful and pleasant. The restaurant had a full menu with excellent food and normal prices. The breakfasts were wonderful, and they had people filling your coffee cup all the time. The drinks were great and reasonable. The locat1on was absolutely perfect. The other guests were very nice people. There were families with small children there, the kiddie pool was perfect for them. There were an adequate number of very comfortable beach chairs, enough for all the guests. The ambience, something that really couldn't be quantified, was very pleasant, relaxing and laid-back.
Bottom line, I am planning on going back to the VM next year unless the Posada Real gets balconies put in.


On Wednesday the 24th, I went fishing with Captain Temo. I found someone who was willing to keep me company, since my wife (after catching a 75# sailfish last year) was less than enthusiastic about going out. Captain Temo greeting my partner and myself and off we went. Captain Temo asked "where is your wife this year?" I was impressed that he remembered me! I caught a bonito right away, and Capt. Temo hooked it on for Marlin bait. The water was pretty turbulent, we had movement on all three dimensions and felt a little queasy. We caught four sailfish that we got to the boat - we caught two others at the same time (a double-header!) but they got off after some nervous negotiation of our lines! Mine got off after a couple of minutes, my partner's got off after 5-6 minutes. We successfully returned all sailfish to the sea. I am already looking forward to fishing with Capt. Temo again next year!


Rain! We had rain three days! Very rare for January, very rare indeed. The rain did not hamper us except for one day when it pretty much rained all day. However, the rain was not annoying, it "greened" everything up very nicely! The rest of the time, the weather was, in a word, wonderful.


Coming up - El Cocodrilo, the Tequila thief, the Pirates and Las Gatas!

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