Government approval? Carlos & Charlies involved?

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Escrito por Bill desde ( el día martes, 17 de febrero, 2004 a las 10:44:43 horas :

En respuesta a: Why Dolphins Hate Disco (too) escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día lunes, 16 de febrero, 2004 a las 23:44:46 horas :

Paradise Disco in Acapulco built a very large tank several years ago so that tourists could "swim with the dolphins." If I'm not mistaken, the dolphins all died . . . reportedly due to "stress" brought on by the bungee jumpers lunging into the pool from high above, and from all the noise.

My understanding is that in order to exhibit the dolphins in this way a special permit of some sort is required to be issued by an agency of the federal government (the installation is, from what I see in the photo on federal zone property).

People concerned about the plight of the dolphins might try pressuring the government agency, and, if Carlos & Charlies is operating the thing (or renting space to someone to do it) then pressure upon them might work.

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