Why Dolphins Hate Disco (too)

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dup-200-65-183-179.prodigy.net.mx) el día lunes, 16 de febrero, 2004 a las 23:44:46 horas :

discoteque next door to penned dolphins in Ixtapa
Discoteque next door to penned dolphins in Ixtapa

This has certainly got to be considered cruelty when dolphins, with their super sensitive hearing, are penned up next door to a very loud open-air discoteque open 6 nights a week, not to mention the constant loud humming from the disco/restaurant's compressors for their refrigeration located in the public walkway between these two buildings (where anyone could also toss objects into the dolphins' tank).

This is not a business dedicated to education or family fun, it is pure greed for profit at its worst.

And this is yet one more example of the suffering and injuries endured by these enslaved creatures who belong in the open oceans and no place else.

Please, if you want to experience dolphins up close and personal then visit them in their natural habitat by chartering a local panga. The dolphins almost always are jumping and playing about not far from shore, and they usually come right up to your boat. Sad that they show so much trust in us and just look at what we let happen to them.

We are not worthy! :-(

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