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Escrito por Ally desde ( el día martes, 17 de febrero, 2004 a las 13:11:15 horas :

En respuesta a: Why Dolphins Hate Disco (too) escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día lunes, 16 de febrero, 2004 a las 23:44:46 horas :

....but NOT because I want to 'swim with them' or give money to keep this place running. The ONLY reason I'm going is to get footage for a documentary I'm producing about these awful 'parks'. I already got footage of Parque Nizuc in Cancun where there are 26 (or less now) dolphins that were captured from the Solomon Islands, 7,000 miles away. Mexico has a ban on capturing dolphins in their own waters, but allows dolphins from the Solomon Islands to be captured and flown to Mexico parks where they will surely die from stress related illnesses, and other horrible things. How WRONG is THAT!?
Thanks for starting this post, ZihuaRob. I truely believe that many people would not go to these parks if they knew how awful they are and that dolphins die in these parks everyday.

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