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Escrito por Sara desde ( el día jueves, 26 de febrero, 2004 a las 22:03:12 horas :

This was our sixth trip but our first two-week trip. We stay at Las Brisas in Ixtapa, spend the day on the many beaches in the area reading, swimming and just walking. I guess we're kind of boring but we go there just to relax. Thanks to this board we checked out the basketball court in Z on Sunday night. I don't know if I should say what goes on or just keep it as a surprise because I have been reading this board for 3 years, although always just starting about two months before our trip, and have just seen it mentioned but never with a descr1ption of what goes on there. Anyway, it was great. What a perfect way to get a real feel for the Z community. We also visited the church for the first time. We were the only ones there...beautiful and peaceful. Someone inquired on the board just before we left (2/7/04 to 2/21/04) about nude or topless beaches and Zihua Rob responded that the local people who bring the whole family to the seashore for relaxation would not appreciate it (Mexicans being very religious, my comment) turns out to be right on the mark. We witnessed a confrontation on the main beach in Ixtapa and the topless woman in question ended up, after a lengthly discussion with other beach goers where she proudly stood and displayed her bare breasts to make sure everyone saw her, left with her tail between her legs, so to speak. I must note that the people who confronted her were very tactful and polite throughout the discussion, many small children being present, it was the woman who made the display and so ended looking foolish. I only mention this because there were many women lying on their stomachs with bare backs, having untied their suits for a tan, it was the display, I think, that people found offensive. Also from this board I learned that it is less expensive to arrange your own trips to Las Gatas and Ixtapa Island rather than the hotel versions and it's very easy. Even if you take a cab from Ixtapa to the Municipal Pier in Z and buy your own ticket it's cheaper. Once you get there, there are plenty of places to choose from to set up your spot for the day. Just check the board for suggestions. I hadn't read any for Ixtapa Island before I left, just noticed one today from Zihua Rob which I would have followed, so we stopped at the first one after getting off the boat. Antonio' was ok. But we did walk the Island and there were better spots on the other side, right or left as you get off the boat (there's paths). If you want to snorkel, take one of the paths, the one to the right is beautiful and the beach is much less crowded. There's plenty of spots with umbrellas for shade and whoever is your server watches your things while you explore, swim or whatever. We left our camera, watches, everything and walked for a couple of hours. The food and drink prices are really reasonable, cheap actually. In short, I would recommend that, if you do the trip on your own, when you get off the boat,they all dock in the same area, take one of the paths to a less crowded beach. All of them have restaurants with shaded spaces. As for Las Gatas, Chez Arnolds, I think is the name. Now, to my restaurant discoveries. By far, the absolute best restaurant we've been to in Ixtapa or Z is IL MARE in Z. It's just a little up the road from Catalina and Hotel Irma, right by Kau Kan. Same view, I think better, as Kau Kan. The food is superb, my favorites are the linguine with clams in the chardonnay sauce and the shrimp with vegatables in chardonnay sauce. We ate there 5 times. Far superior food to Kau Kan at half the price. The entrance off the road is not impressive but when you make the venture down the stairs into the restaurant, it's beautiful. The service is excellent, but slower than what your probably used to as all places are in Mexico...remember your there to relax, and if you ask to speak to the owner, Fernando, he's sure to sit down with you with complimentary sambucas. My second recommendation is Hacienda in Ixtapa across from El Presidente Hotel in the central district. We had dinner there twice (in previous years we always went for breakfast) and it was excellent and down right cheap. I don't know why it was never crowded, maybe because it's surrounded by flashier places. It is very crowded for breakfast. They will make anything you want even if it's not on the menu. I had the whole red snapper both times because it was so good. The chicken soup is excellent as are the cheese quesadias. Guacamole comes with the meal with beans, etc. The food and service was so good that I was almost embarrased when we got the bill. We've tried all the restaurants at the Marina, my suggestion, eat at Hacienda and go to El Faro at the Marina for drinks. I've learnd so much from other people posting their experiences on this board, I hope I've provided some useful information. I love Mexico and can't wait to go back next year. As always the weather was perfect, the people friendly and I'm jealous of all of you who are preparing to go. Have a great time!

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