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Escrito por WisconsinWeatherSucks desde ( el día viernes, 12 de marzo, 2004 a las 14:34:52 horas :

Just got back to Wisconsin after a week in Ixtapa. I am so happy too... I mean my watery eyes, runny nose, sneezes, and coughs are all back. God, I love Wisconsin.
Ixtapa was great. Warm and blue skies boring, huh? Spent alot of time in Zihua also. First time at both Casa Bahia and Puesta del Sol. Both fantastic restaurants and will definetly return.
As far as Pacifica resort. Once again, getting a room we actually pay for and request is a struggle. My wife and I have a timeshare at Pacifica and we usually have to butt heads with the influx of renters or travel groups who get all the good rooms to get one. We usually end up walking around the resorty and looking for rooms that have the doors open because they are being cleaned. That way we know it is vacant and then go down to the office to fight to be moved. What a struggle, and it is getting very annoying. Just the way I like to start my vacation evry year. And what is with the drinks at Pacifica? How watered down can they get? I couldn't get drunk there no matter how hard I tried! We found out that Pacifica was now selling daily "inclusive" packages to guests. They must have thought we were all on the inclusive plan because the drinks were very weak. And would it hurt to maybe update the rooms a little? I mean these were built in the early 80's maybe? Still the same decor though. Please...please would it be too much to ask to spruce these places up a little? A couple of nights it was pretty warm too. Of course the air conditioner/ceiling fan (yes either one) was so noisy you could hardly sleep. A little maintenance would'nt hurt here!
But other than the resort troubles, the weather was wonderful, the food was great, and still cannot wait to go back and get out of this God forsaken state.

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