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Escrito por double R desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de marzo, 2004 a las 16:16:58 horas :

En respuesta a: Pacifica Resort - Ixtapa escrito por WisconsinWeatherSucks desde ( el día viernes, 12 de marzo, 2004 a las 14:34:52 horas :

wow!!! I also go to Pacifica every year but never, ever have I had one single complaint. I think the service is phenomenal, couldn't possibly get any better... and as far as the ordeal with checking in and getting the room you want, maybe you should enjoy more of the free cervezas at check in time and relax : ) we tend to have the same 'problem' although I hardly call it a problem, and we laugh it off, saying welcome to mexico, land of 1000 surprises. the staff has always been extremely accommodating. I actually feel really bad when I have had to ask to be moved, like they must think I'm such obnoxious rich american, since, lets face it, all their rooms are pretty gorgeous. I'm far from rich, but I do like to get what we've paid for...

Are you really unhappy with the decor of the room? I mean, do you realize how expensive that would be, to replace/update an entire resorts decor? Money in mexico could be put to much better use, I hope you would agree once you stop and think about it. Without being rude, I'd also like to say maybe you should get out more while you're in this fabulous place.

We had NO problems with our drinks being watered down. but then again, we make great friends with a lot of the staff and I'm pretty sure that helps.

I certainly don't mean to cause ill feelings, but I couldn't help but feel slightly offended by some of your comments. A little maintenance? Did you notice ALL the workers??? working their butts off? in the hot hot sun? again, WOW!!!!!

Each time I leave PACIFICA I get a little teary-eyed, I feel so at home there and love it so much. Makes me wish I could do so much more than bring some gifts every year and tip very well.... yet now I see there are plenty of others out there, giving Americans the reputation that, I guess, we deserve.

can I ask why you put yourself through this then? go somewhere else through RCI, no? doesn't seem worth it if you're THAT happy that it's all over.... I've got Z blues something awful right now, just got back saturday... and that is how a good vacation should be, in my book.

I LOVE PACIFICA, I've traveled to quite a few places in Mexico and all over the world for that matter - I think the service at Pacifica is top notch all the way. I wonder if somehow it is you??? just putting that out there amigo. when you're there, you're not in Wisconsin anymore, you know? maybe try a smile.

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