Who's What, Where on La Ropa.

by Ironwood @, Friday, November 26, 2021, 14:28 (677 days ago)

I walked the entire beach today, to see how the current regulations have affected each spot along the beach.

1. Three locations seem to have been affected the most: Embarc, Restaurant Tritón, (prev. La Cantinita, prev. Elvira's) and Rossy's no longer have any lounge chairs or umbrellas on the beach. Embarc's are all behind their wood-stake fence line. Tritón has no chairs/umbrellas/tables on the beach: everything is now up the stairs. Rossy's has lost about two rows of umbrellas/lounge chairs/tables.

2. Paty's no longer has any lounge chairs or umbrellas out on the beach. Instead, she has about a dozen yellow Adirondack-type chairs that are just beyond the last row of tables/chairs/umbrellas. Her "territory" has been pushed back perhaps 5 meters or so further away from the high tide line, but folks are gently pushing the beach limits, moving their Adirondacks further and further out, then asking for umbrellas, etc.

3. Many spots seem unaffected. Sotavento Beach Club, the Catalina, Villa Mexicana, the Thompson, La Perla, Restaurant Arena, El Pirata, El Delfin and the small beachside hotels like Vepao all seem to be "business as usual."

Re the current prohibition on chairs/umbrellas/food on the beach: interesting to note the dozens of tourist buses in town today....but where were the people? They certainly weren't at La Ropa. Someone set up a tent beside Tritón. We waited for the beach police to pounce, but it was still there when we left. Large groups.....8, 10, 12 people.... of national tourists walk onto the beach, stand there looking bewildered.....where do we go? They ask a few questions to the waiters at a restaurant, and are directed "down the beach". To where? Many clearly have no intention of sitting at the relatively-expensive beach restaurants. Where do they go? Seems the blue beach is for the blue-bloods; the riff-raff (i.e. regular folks) don't appear to be welcome.

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