Price checking at Soriana

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, November 02, 2022, 11:43 (336 days ago) @ Padrino
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This is a management issue. This technology is readily available and de rigueur for any natiowide grocery chain. Someone in upper level management needs to retire. "



Exactly, there's NO excuse for the pricing errors people, including myself, are routinely finding at Mega Soriana N°939.
It's a giant company, not a "Mom & Pop" miscelánea en la esquina.

In general about that particular store, to avoid getting charged an incorrect price, one needs to always check their receipt, and memorize or jot down the price.

Another very common error there is those yellowish sale price tags they place on the shelf where the product is, often times are NOT REMOVED when the sale or promotion expires.
For example, you get to la caja wanting to pay 2x 39, and you see that they charged 25 pesos each, as that's what the yellow tag indicated.
Go back and check the sale price yellow tag, & discover that the sale expired on the previous day, because store personnel failed to remove it the day before.


" one Cajera punched in 12*, scanned the product and did not have to go through the hocus pocus routine 12 times."

Yes, knowing the "tricks of the trade" helps expedite the situation.


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