Price checking at Soriana

by Ironwood @, Wednesday, November 02, 2022, 13:31 (138 days ago) @ Little Guy

First, I bought two 980 ml bottles of Cuervo Especial that were priced at M$217.

(Don’t shame me about that product. Yesterday I bought a bottle of Adictivo for M$1010 at Tequila Por Favor. A friend will be arriving this week and I want him to taste a variety of tequilas and mescals.)

Don't apologize. Last season I bought two bottles of La Viuda de Romero tequila at Soriana at a very low price, (and 50% off the 2nd bottle) for margaritas....and Rob said it was the same gut-rot that the borrachos drink on the beach at night. As expected, we and our margaritas don't know the difference. For us, Cuervo Especial would be for "special occasions".
Take that, you tequila snobs.

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