Price checking at Soriana

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, November 02, 2022, 12:39 (336 days ago) @ Ironwood

Here in the frozen north - and I suspect in the US as well - for years the policy in most grocery stores is that if the product scans at a higher price than the shelf price, you get the item free, up to $10. "


Hola @Ironwood

Great policy.
There is a similar one here in at least one popular store, in which IF the cajera (o) doesn't give you the receipt, the item is free.

Another related point here in most of the stores, though they'll probably have to call el Gerente to do it:
Sometimes after the regular price increases the previous price sticker remains on the shelf as personnel failed to remove it, & replace it with a new sticker with the current price.
The register will ring up the latest price.
My experience is that stores will honor the price of the old sticker on the shelf, albeit with ½ a fuss calling the gerente, etc.

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