Smoking ban

by Little Guy @, Monday, January 16, 2023, 11:28 (16 days ago) @ IXTZIHUA

In most places there are more supports for tobacco cessation and more ready access to those supports than there are for other substances. Those typically include legal access to tobacco; quality assurance of tobacco products; patches and gums that deliver defined amounts of the active agents; etc. The users of tobacco are not criminalized and incarcerated for long periods of time.

It seems to me that Rob is encouraging cessation assistance for those who are seeking, willing, and able to use such assistance; non-punitive approach to those who continue to use; recognition that some might choose a path of self-harm; and hope that those decisions do not excessively adversely affect the public health of others.

In contrast, some people believe users of non-tobacco drugs ought to receive no supports and instead be killed.

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