Smoking ban

by Keytime @, Monday, January 16, 2023, 12:21 (16 days ago) @ Okoboji Norm

Maybe it is just me but I do not see that many people smoking. When I do, odds are it is a tourist of expat resident. Both of which should know where and when they can smoke.

Enforcement will be hard as with most laws being only suggestions as most laws go unpunished, unless your in Iran and then they hang you.

I have tried multiple approaches to viloators. One I told the man that there is no smoking here and please go outside. He stood up and blew smoke in my face after which I tried to rip his head off his torso. 4 guys stopped me. I was taken away and deported the next day. Good By UAE. The next time it happened I had learned from the last time. I found the no smoking sign and picked it up and held it and shook it about 1 foot in front of the little Chineese guy with the Mr. T Starter kit on. I was 18" taller and 75# larger than Mr WONG and he put is smoke out.

I have often though of carrying a can of spray water and YELLING FIRE and blasting the bastard with cold water. Have not done that one yet, but I will most likely just walk away from now on.

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