Kau Kan Restaurant

by victorio, Monday, January 23, 2023, 01:22 (10 days ago) @ bob/medhat

I don't eat steak, but I was curious so looked up prices on large steaks at a popular chain steakhouse in parts of Canada and US. Big rib steak is priced at $58 Cdn. near me, so that's comparable but no view and different atmosphere!

Personally I don't feel the atmosphere or a view add to the enjoyment of a good steak...... different strokes I guess..;-)

Now that this thread has completely switched to talking about steaks, my fav spot for steaks in Zihua is Chez Leos in Centro. Their Rez Madagascar is supreme. Great steak in a wonderful mushroom red wine sauce. Can't recall the price but who cares. No bay view but you get to people watch. Great location.

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