Yelling on the Internet

by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego/Rosarito, Sunday, March 12, 2023, 21:12 (13 days ago) @ Little Guy

I can’t comment on the alleged events or the OP’s conjecture.

I can comment on what I see, which is that the OP posted in “all caps”, the internet equivalent of yelling at us.

In addition, typing in all caps is also counterproductive if you want individuals to read your message. It is harder to read prose when it is written using all upper case letters. This is why some businesses will often use all upper case letters when they are required to alert you of something that they really don't want you to read and understand, usually because of some regulatory edicts that were designed to inform consumers of important information that may be in the customers' best interests to know and understand. The businesses know that it is more difficult for readers to wade through prose that is written in all upper case, especially if they use a sans-serif font. Many individuals start reading and then quickly give up.

P.S. I am so sorry that this unfortunate incident occurred. More and more reports like this coming out of Zihua are very disturbing.

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