Kia and Hyundai to build EVs in Mexico

by Little Guy @, Friday, May 19, 2023, 17:40 (134 days ago) @ frostbite

I think that a hybrid vehicle is now a poor choice. It has the higher purchase price over the same-model ICE trim, yet it has the same maintenance costs as the ICE equivalent.

From a global warming perspective, I think the time of the benefit of hybrids has come and gone.

I say the above as a former hybrid promoter. I was the first Canadian consumer purchaser of Toyota’s Prius Gen 2. That was way back in 2004. (Steven Page “bought” the first one, but that was a promotional event and he donated the car for charitable purpose.)

My family owned Prii through to 2019. My wife still owns a 2019 pluggable hybrid Volt. It uses one tank of gas a year with the rest of the driving being electric.

Now, buying a hybrid is buying into years of perpetuating dependence on climate changing fossil fuels.

The average age of vehicles on American roads continues to climb, with the figure now reaching 12.1 years, according to research from IHS Markit.

My interest is in having a vehicle that can get me around like my BEV in Canada. But for that to happen, there needs to be infrastructure.

In British Columbia where I live, driving a BEV became much more practical after the government directed the provincial electric authority (BC Hydro) to install DC Fast Chargers along the highway system. The plan is for 145 sites with 325 stations by 2025. This is in a province with a population of only 5 million.

I’m hoping that the Mexican federal government might direct CFE to do something similar.

In Mexico, Tesla has SuperChargers in strategic locations at Acapulco, Chilpancingo, Cuernavaca, and Mexico City. But there is nothing to get between Acapulco and Morelia.

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