Kia and Hyundai to build EVs in Mexico

by Little Guy @, Monday, May 22, 2023, 12:04 (7 days ago) @ midalake

Nothing is going to change until the relic that is running the country LEAVES! Heck he is still trying to create more of an electric monopoly.

I thought the relic that was running the country lost the election in 2020. Oh wait, you’re not referring to a failed former president, you’re referring to a popular president and a popular government.

57% Portion who say they are somewhat or very satisfied with the job AMLO's done, as of February 2023.

65% Percent of respondents who have a very good or good opinion of Morena, making it the party with the highest favorables by far.

49% of Mexicans polled intend to vote MORENA in 2024 with second-place PAN at 19%.

Electricity is a classic example of a monopoly enterprise. From Stanford University…

A natural monopoly exists when average costs continuously fall as the firm gets larger. An electric company is a classic example of a natural monopoly. Once the gargantuan fixed costs involved with power generation and power lines is payed, each additional unit of electricity costs very little; the more units sold, the more the fixed costs can be spread, creating a reasonable price for the consumer. Having two electric companies split electricity production, each with their own power source and power lines would lead to a near doubling of price. Clearly, competition, the flagship of the American economy, is not always the answer.,example%20of%20a%20n...

So who do you want having the monopoly?

Carlos Slim? :facescreaminginfear:

Some gringo corporation? :omg:

Monopolies have weaknesses as well as strengths, but it is better to have a monopoly owned by the people and accountable through an electoral system than one owned by privateers who are accountable only to wealthy blocks of shareholders.

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