Helping the Sea Turtles

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, August 29, 2023, 08:35 (34 days ago) @ Talley Ho

This morning, early, we had the tracks from 20 turtle haul outs on la Ropa. Yesterday, only 17, Saturday, 21.

It appears that the city has abandoned the turtlearium between La Perla and La Arena on La Ropa. The shade cloth roof of the area where they relocated the eggs to came down a few months ago, and is still flapping in the breeze. We haven't seen the people out looking for nests, but that could be timing on our part.

Was it necessary??? Great question because most of the nests are laid high enough on the beach to be safe from high tides and hatch naturally, but then there is always the percentage that aren't high enough and are lost to the ocean.

Then there is the public education part of letting them hatch in the turtlearium and having people "launch" them. Great learning experience. Then they started soliciting for tips with encouragement from one of the neighboring restaurants.

It's fabulous to see the nests, the turtles laying, and the babies hatching. Life is great.

How interesting that the La Ropa tortuguero sits abandoned barely 3 weeks after the mayor inaugurated the state forum "Protección, Conservación e Investigación de las Tortugas Marinas en el Estado de Guerrero" at the Barceló where, besides getting his picture taken, he gave himself a big pat on the back for the efforts of the city along with the much larger efforts of others to protect and incubate sea turtle eggs. Two years after forming a special Comité Municipal de Vigilancia y Protección de la Tortuga Marina (whom frankly I haven't seen do a damn thing). What a friggin fraud and hypo-friggin-crite!

Whenever you see a turtle nesting I urge everyone to please call either the Marina or the Bomberos. See their numbers on my Helpful & Emergency Telephone #'s page.

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