Nuevo ZIHclo Escolar

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, September 01, 2023, 08:21 (31 days ago) @ jakewills

We stopped by a hatchling release yesterday evening on La Ropa, in front of The Thompson. The expert from Ecologia -- same woman who collects eggs in the morning -- was teaching people about the turtles and the process. She said they will always keep the eggs on the same beach where they are laid and that the babies being released today were incubated at the same old spot on La Ropa. So despite the disrepair, it seems they are still using the same spot for now.

I thought the choice of location for the release in front of The Thompson was interesting -- vs where we have seen them in the past by La Perla. If they are indeed moving the tortuguero, The Thompson may be the only spot with the undeveloped beach front land high enough on the beach for it to go. And they would certainly benefit from the PR and marketing opportunities it would bring. (no judgement, just speculating)

I'm awfully glad to hear she said that, because last year they were removing them from La Madera and Principal and taking them to La Ropa.

Yes, money talks.

A shame that last natural spot on the beach between La Perla and the house next to Fidel Gutierrez' property isn't being preserved as a park where families can park, have cookouts, have free public facilities, public events (as they've been using it for), etc. The city should've bought that land. But their vision of the future is very different from one that would keep Zihuatanejo prosperous for locals. As we've already seen.

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